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Manual II. Methods of appraisal of quality of basic data for population estimates
United Nations (1955). Manual II: Methods of appraisal of quality of basic data for population estimates
(United Nations Publications, Sales No. 56.XIII.2).

This Manual is an aid to demographers and population experts to appraise the reliability of population data. It overviews the factors determining the quality of data on population size, age and sex distributions and migrations derived from censuses, surveys, vital registration and other sources of data. The Manual presents methods for appraising completeness, accuracy and consistency of data from these sources. Manual II is closely related to the indirect techniques for demographic estimations presented in the Manuals I, IV and X.

Preface and table of contents
Introduction (282 kb)
Chapter I. The accuracy of census totals (1379 kb)
Chapter II. The completeness of vital statistics (1302 kb)
Chapter III. The accuracy of age and sex statistics (1890 kb)
Chapter IV. Adequacy of migration statistics (397 kb)
Appendices (442 kb)

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