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Technical cooperation activities of the Population Division



The Population Division’s regular programme of technical cooperation is build upon the Division’s role as the organizational unit of the Secretariat with the competency to cover the monitoring and appraisal of the broad range of areas in the field of population. The technical cooperation activities are complementing and are part of the strategic framework of the Division.



The primary focus of the programme of technical cooperation is to build and strengthen critical capacity in developing countries and countries in transition to analyze and evaluate demographic information for the formulation and implementation of strategies and policies aimed at the nexus between population and development.

Innovative approaches


Currently, the Division focuses on developing novel web-based tools and providing online access to training materials. The programme started to implement an innovative delivery and communication mechanism by using the web, and in particular e-training and e-collaboration tools. This strategic re-orientation will help to maximize the impact of the programme with limited resources.



The Population Division’s technical cooperation programme continues to support the development of an innovative online Wiki-based multilingual encyclopedic demographic dictionary, Demopaedia, whose capacity to promote collaborative work across borders in different languages is being tested. Demopaedia is build around the correspondence of technical demographic terminology in different languages; fourteen language modules are under development, including those in the six official UN languages. The Division and the French National Committee of the International Union for Scientific Study of Population have co-organized a training workshop on Demopaedia.


Paris Workshop, download the report (zipped file)


Marrakech Wokshop [forthcoming], download the report (zipped file)

E-platform for demographic analysis:


An additional step in improving the accessibility of training materials is this block of the Division’s website which contains the cross-referenced collection of demographic manuals developed by the Population Division over a long period of time. We intend to expand this site by providing access to more reference materials and interactive analytical tools.







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