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 World Urbanization Prospects: The 2001 Revision

Explanatory notes

I. World urbanization prospects: the 2001 Revision

A. Key findings
B . Organization and contents of this report

II. The prospects for world urbanization and rural population growth

A. Contrasting trends between the less developed and the more developed regions
B. Patterns of urban and rural growth in the major areas

III. Analysis of urban and rural population growth at the regional level

A. Urban population growth
B. Rural population growth
C. The proportion urban

IV. Urbanization patterns and rural population growth at the country level

A. The level of urbanization
B. The size and growth of the urban population
C. The size and growth of the rural population

V. The urban hierarchy

A. The urban hierarchy of less developed and more developed regions
B. The urban hierarchy by major area
C. The distribution of the urban increment by city size

VI. Population growth in cities

A. The size and growth of large cities
B. City primacy

VII. Procedures to estimate and project the population of urban areas and urban agglomerations

A. The estimation of urban indicators over the estimation period
B. Projection of the proportion urban at the national level
C. Past estimates of city populations
D. The projection of city populations

VIII. Sources of data

A. Sources of data on the urban population
B. Sources of data for estimates of urban agglomerations and capital cities


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