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World Population Policies 2007




You may want to print this page before downloading

1. DOWNLOAD the file WPP_download.exe into a temporary folder.

2.  The file WPP_download.exe is a self-extracting file. Double click on this file to uncompress the installation files. The default folder is C:\WPP_Setup. To start exracting the installation files, click on the Unzip button.

3. In the folder C:\WPP_Setup, double click on SETUP.exe and follow the instructions. From the menu, you may have to click view, refresh to see this folder, or close and re-open Windows Explorer.

4. In the folder c:\WPP_Setup, double click on Country_Profiles.exe, accept the default settings and click the Unzip button.

5.  The database is now ready. Click Start, Programs and select World Population Policies 2007


Download database now 

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