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Catalogue of United Nations Population Division
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Recent Publications

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Abortion Policies: A Global Review

Age Structure of Mortality in Developing Countries

Charting the Progress of Populations

Child Adoption: Trends and Policies

Compendium of Recommendations on International Migration and Development: The United Nations Development Agenda and the Global Commission on International Migration compared

Completing the Fertility Transition
Population Bulletin Special Issue, Nos. 48/49, 2002

Fertility, Contraception and Population Policies

HIV/AIDS and Fertility in Sub-Saharan Africa: A Review of the Research Literature

HIV/AIDS: Awareness and Behaviour (Press release: English; French)

HIV/AIDS: Population Impact and Policies 2001 (Wall Chart)

The Impact of AIDS

International Migration 2002 (Wall Chart)

International migration and development, including the question of the convening of a United Nations conference on international migration and development to address migration issues,  Report of the Secretary-General (A/56/167)

International Migration and Development
Report of the Secretary-General

International Migration from Countries with Economies in Transition: 1980-1999

International Migration Report 2002
    Press Release (English, French)
    Overview (Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Russian, Spanish)

International Migration 2006 (Wall Chart)

Levels and Trends of Contraceptive Use as Assessed in 2002

Levels and Trends of International Migration to Selected Countries in Asia

Living Arrangements of Older Persons Around the World

Long-range World Population Projections: Based on the 1998 Revision

Long-range Population Projections
     Proceedings of the Technical Working Group on Long-range Population
     Projections, New York, 30 June 2003

Manual X: Indirect Techniques for Demographic Estimation

Methods for Estimating Adult Mortality

Model Life Tables for Developing Countries

MortPak: The United Nations Software Package for Mortality Measurement

National Trends in Population, Resources, Environment and Development 2005: Country Profiles

Partnership and Reproductive Behaviour in Low-Fertility Countries

Population and HIV/AIDS 2007 (Wall Chart)

Population Ageing and Development 2009 (Wall Chart)

Population Challenges and Development Goals

Population, development and HIV/AIDS with particular emphasis on poverty: the concise report
[Arabic]  [Chinese]  [English]  [French]  [Russian]  [Spanish] 

Population, Environment and Development - The Concise Report 
     [Arabic]  [Chinese]  [English[French]  [Russian]  [Spanish]

Population, environment and development 2001 (Wall Chart)

Proceedings of the Expert Group Meeting on Population Distribution, Urbanization, Internal Migration and Development
     New York, 21-23 January 2008

Proceedings of the United Nations Expert Group Meeting on Social and Economic Implications of Changing Population Age Structures
    Mexico City, 31 August - 2 September 2005

Replacement Migration: Is It a Solution to Declining and Ageing Populations?

Review and Appraisal of the Progress Made in Achieving the
   Goals and Objectives of the Programme of Action of the
   International Conference on Population and Development
   The 2004 Report
     [Arabic]  [Chinese]  [English]  [French]  [Russian]  [Spanish]

The World at Six Billion

United Nations Population Bulletin, Special issue Nos. 42/43: Meeting on Population Ageing and Living Arrangements of Older Persons: Critical Issues and Policy Responses, New York, 8-10 February 2000

Urban Agglomerations 2007 (Wall Chart - PDF)

Urban and Rural Areas 2007 (Wall Chart - PDF)

Urban Population, Development and the Environment 2007 (Wall Chart)

Rural Population, Development and the Environment 2007 (Wall Chart)

World Abortion Policies 2007(Wall Chart)

World Contraceptive Use 2010
      Data Online

World Fertility Data 2008 (Data online)

World Fertility Patterns 2007

World Fertility Patterns 2009 (Wall Chart)

World Marriage Data 2008 (Data online)

World Marriage Patterns 2000 (Wall Chart)

World Mortality 2009 (Wall Chart)

World Mortality Report 2005

World Population Ageing: 1950-2050
     Executive Summary:[Arabic]  [Chinese]  [English]  [French] [German]  [Russian]  [Spanish]

World Population Ageing 2007     

World Population Monitoring 2001: Population, environment and development

World Population Monitoring 2002: Reproductive rights and reproductive health

World Population Monitoring 2003: Population, Education and Development
    Concise Report
         [Arabic]  [Chinese]  [English]  [French]  [Russian]

World Population Policies 2007

World Population Prospects: The 2006 Revision, Volume III: Analytical Report

World Population Prospects: The 2006 Revision (Highlights; Wall Chart)

World Population to 2300




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