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Comparative Tables
A.1. Annual number of marriages
  A.2. Annual number of divorces  
  A.3. Mean age at first marriage  
  A.4. Singulate mean age at marriage  
  A.5. Percentage ever married by age group  
  A.6. Annual number of births and crude birth rate
  A.7. Percentage of extra-marital births among all births
  A.8. Period fertility indicators
    - Total fertility
    - Age-specific fertility rate
    - Mean age at childbearing
  A.9. Mean age at first birth  
  A.10. Children ever born per woman  
  A.11. Percentage of childless women  
  A.12. Percentage of women with parity three or higher  
Family planning among women aged 15-49, married or in union
  A.13. Percentage using any contraceptive method and a modern contraceptive method  
  A.14. Percentage with unmet need  
Suggested citation:United Nations, Department of Economic and Social Affairs, Population Division (2011). World Fertility Report 2009 (United Nations publication).