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United Nations (1986). Age Structure of Mortality in Developing Countries. A Database for
      Cross-Sectional and Time Series Research. ST/ESA/SER.R/66.

Manual X


This publication presents a data base of national life tables from developing countries. The database consists of 78 national life tables from 43 developing populations covering a period from the mid 1940s to the early 1980s. The life tables are based on recorded deaths by age and sex, and the population at risk by age and sex.

Since this publication is no longer available in printed form, it is made available here in electronic form in Adobe PDF format.



Preface and Table of contents (1,425 KB)

Introduction (947 KB)

Chapter I: Sources of data (1,374 KB)
Chapter II: Life tables (4,225 KB)

Chapter III: The data base in machine-readable form (1,913 KB)


Download the Report (zipped file)

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