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Expert Group Meeting on Adolescents, Youth and Development
 New York, 21- 22 July 2011

The following documents are in PDF format. To be able to view and print pages from these files you will need
the Acrobat Reader software. If you do not already have this plug-in installed on your computer, click here to download it free of charge.


  • High adolescent fertility in the context of declining fertility in Latin America
    (UN/POP/EGM-AYD/2011/01) - Jorge Rodríguez
  • Global patterns of mortality in young people
    (UN/POP/EGM-AYD/2011/02) - George Patton
  • Education, life cycle and social mobility: a Latin American perspective
    (UN/POP/EGM-AYD/2011/03) - Martin Hopenhayn
  • Transition to financial independence of youth in Asian countries: does furthering one's education pay? (UN/POP/EGM-AYD/2011/04) - Nicole Mun Sim Lai
  • Global employment trends for youth
    (UN/POP/EGM-AYD/2011/05) - Steven Kapsos
  • Youth population and employment in the Middle East and North Africa: opportunity or challenge? (UN/POP/EGM-AYD/2011/06) - Farzaneh Roudi
  • Sex education: access and impact on sexual behaviour of young people
    (UN/POP/EGM-AYD/2011/07) - Douglas Kirby
  • Leaving home: independence, togetherness and income in Europe
    - Maria Iacovou
  • Intergenerational relations in Africa with a focus on South Africa
    (UN/POP/EGM-AYD/2011/09) - Monde Makiwane
  • A clash of generations? Youth bulges and political violence
    (UN/POP/EGM-AYD/2011/10) - Henrik Urdal







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