The United Nations has undertaken measures to promote a comprehensive approach on conflict prevention, peace-building and development. In these efforts there has been increasing recognition of the socio-economic causes of violent conflict and the urgent need for addressing them. In addition, the importance of long-term development in post conflict countries and their re-integration into the global economy has been increasingly given importance within and outside the United Nations.

Along with other actors, DESA has been focusing on these issues. In particular, DESA has worked to integrate conflict prevention and peace-building by: servicing the ECOSOC Ad Hoc Advisory Groups on African Countries Emerging from Conflicts, participating in mechanisms as the Framework Team; mainstreaming gender and bringing gender perspectives to the center of peace processes, strengthening technical cooperation activities for capacity building at the country level in conflict prevention and peace-building, addressing the inter-relationship between social integration and peace-building; and analyzing the impact of conflict on natural resource management and the relationship between natural resource endowments and causes of conflicts.