Statistics Division (SD) Action

The Division has played an active role over the years by assisting countries in post-conflict situations in developing a national statistical system that would meet the growing demand for statistical data.

Specifically, the Division has engaged in the following activities:

  • transmitted technical manuals and guidelines for the compilation of official statistics to post-conflict countries in order to strengthen their statistical capacities
  • supported such countries in the planning, conducting and technical review of population census in a manner that supports national statistical capacity building. For example, the Division provided advisory service in planning and conducting census in Timor Leste, Afghanistan, Sierra Leone and the Democratic Republic of the Congo.
  • organized workshops and professional attachments, under the Development account projects or through fellowship schemes to increase in conflict affected countries For example,
    • statisticians from countries such as Iraq have been trained in activities associated with the ESCWA Development Account A special training attachment in Bulgaria was also organized for Iraqi statisticians.
    • countries emerging from post-conflict situation in the ECOWAS region, such as Sierra Leone and Cote d'Ivoire, are also benefiting from similar Development account projects.


ECOSOC resolution 2000/27 reaffirmed the importance of national efforts to build statistical capacity in all countries, including through statistical training, and of effective international support in that context for developing countries.

Intergovernmental body serviced

Statistical Commission