Division for Social Policy and Development (DSPD)

As mandated by Geneva 2000, the Inclusive Development Section / Social Integration Branch elaborates conceptual and operational frameworks for Inclusive Peace-building based on the concepts and principles of social integration promulgated by WSSD.



World Summit for Social Development

DSPD is currently elaborating a conceptual and operational framework for Inclusive People-centered Peace-building, including, among others, Indigenous Peoples, Older Persons, Youth, Persons with Disabilities, based on the concepts and principles of social integration contained in the Copenhagen Declaration and Programme of Action of the World Summit for Social Development. Several activities have been undertaken in relation to this:

  • publication of Secretary-General's report on 'Promoting social integration in post-conflict situations' (A/AC.253/23);
  • holding an expert group meeting on 'Structural threats to social integrity: social roots of violent conflict and indicators for prevention' (December 2001);
  • jointly editing a book on Trauma interventions in war and peace: prevention, practice and policy, Kluwer Academic/Plenum Press, 2003
  • compiling data/information on youth peace-builders in more than forty countries.
Youth and conflict

(a) The Secretary-General's report: The World Youth Report 2003 addressed issues of "Youth and conflict prevention" (E/CN.5/2003/4, Para 45 to 47) and highlighted the role of young people as active agents for building peace, preventing conflict, and promoting a culture of peace. The 2005 World Youth Report is currently under preparation.

(b) DSPD organized a workshop on "Youth and Employment in Post-Conflict Situations in the Arab Region" in Beirut (January 2004). With the participation of youth leaders as facilitators/trainers, the workshop reviewed current policies and programmes for youth employment in post-conflict situations focusing on: employability, equal opportunities, entrepreneurship and job creation and developed practical strategies for youth employment at the national level.

Indigenous peoples and conflict

At its Third Session in 2004, the United Nations Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues adopted several important recommendations regarding indigenous peoples and conflicts. (E/C.19/2004/23)

Report on the World Social Situation (2005)

This report entitled "Achieving Social Justice: the inequality predicament" is being prepared for publication in June 2005. One Chapter under its Part II: Global and National Inequality Trends in the Decade since the World Social Summit, deals with "Inequalities and social integration" addressing issues on ethnic, racial, religious and cultural conflicts and inequality.



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