Division for Sustainable Development (DSD) Action

The Division has a close watching brief on key and emerging issues relating to natural resource management. Analysis of impact of conflict on resource management and the relationship between natural resources endowments and cause of conflicts has been incorporated into the normative and analytical tasks performed by the Division, including the SG's reports.

At the request of Governments in Central Asia, DSD provided technical advice on water resource governance and management and, in that context, on prevention and resolution of conflict over water resources.

Contribution to a Timor-Leste reconstruction project with financing from the Human Security Trust Fund and contributed to the Chad-Cameroon Petroleum Development and Pipeline Project by providing independent advisory services on resource allocation.

DSD has also been a key player in the establishment and implementation of an agreement on the international sharing of water resources in the Jordan river basin.

Based on DSD's work over several decades in the DPRK, an agreement was reached in 2004 for an institute in the ROK to fund training of DPRK experts in a neutral country in the area of energy planning.

DSD has developed an online database of partnerships for sustainable development (mandated by CSD-11). This facilitates sharing of expertise on achieving sustainable development through partnerships and underscores the inter-linkages between natural resource management and conflicts.


Interdepartmental effort

In 2003, the Division was tasked with co-ordinating UN inputs to the World Bank work on Governance of Natural Resources and Conflict. Through EC-ESA, the Division invited comments and consolidated them into one UN input.



Intergovernmental body serviced

Commission on Sustainable Development