Division for the Advancement of Women (DAW)

The Commission on the Status of Women (CSW) is mandated to follow-up the implementation of the critical areas of concern contained in the Beijing Platform for Action (BPA) among which "Women and armed conflict" is one of the twelve critical areas of concern. At its 48th session in March

In 2004, the CSW considered this critical area of concern as a priority theme. As the Secretariat of the CSW, DAW prepared the Secretary-General's report. The CSW adopted agreed conclusions which contained several recommendations to Governments and other relevant entities on the participation of women and incorporation of gender perspectives in conflict prevention, peace processes, and in post-conflict peacebuilding, including in elections, reconstruction and rehabilitation. (E/2004/27-E/CN.6/2004/14).

DAW also organized an expert group meeting in collaboration with Department of Political Affairs (DPA) and OSAGI, on peace agreements as a means for promoting gender equality in preparation for the above session of the CSW. A framework of model provisions on promoting gender equality in peace processes was developed which contains a set of standards for mediators, facilitators and funding entities involved in preparing peace agreements. This has been widely disseminated to field offices. Secretary-General's report (S/2004/814 of 13 October 2004) to the Security Council on women, peace and security urged Member States, UN entities and the civil society to develop comprehensive guidelines and training initiatives based on this framework of model provisions.



DAW has implemented a technical assistance project entitled: Enhancing Women's Participation in Peace Processes under the Development Account. The process has included a consultation meeting in Addis Ababa (April 2001); training workshops on "Conflict Management for Women" in Cape Town (October 2001), Conakry (October 2002) for the Mano River region, and in Kigali (September 2003) for the Great Lakes region. The Mano River Women's Peace Network has requested additional support to take the lead in carrying out further training programmes in the sub-region.

DAW is also implementing a technical assistance project on implementation of the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women (CEDAW) in countries emerging from conflict. Consultations were undertaken in Timor Leste (2004), and a training workshop was held in Sierra Leone (2004). Activities are planned for Afghanistan in 2005.


Interdepartmental effort

DAW provides advice and support, on request, to different parts of the Secretariat on women, peace and security. For example, DAW supported DDA and OCHA in preparing for their internal consultation processes and the development of action plans on gender mainstreaming.

DAW is a member of the Inter-agency Taskforce on Women, Peace and Security and also participates, on request, in the meetings of the informal group of Member States supporting the work on women, peace and security: "The Friends of 1325".



Further actions and initiatives
Beijing Platform for Action
CSW Agreed Conclusions on Women and armed conflict adopted in ECOSOC resolution 1998/12. II Armed Conflict
CSW Agreed Conclusions on Women's equal participation in conflict prevention, management and resolution and in post-conflict peace-building adopted in ECOSOC resolution 2004/12.
Women, peace and security, Security Council resolution 1325 (2000).
Women, Peace and Security Presidential statements: S/PRST/2001/31, 31 October 2001
S/PRST/2002/32, 31 October 2002
S/PRST/2004/40, 28 October 2004

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Commission on the Status of Women