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Transport Emissions Knowledge Initiative (TEKI)



The TEKI program works with national Governments and international agencies to develop an adequate information base, assists in strengthening national institutions responsible for policy formulation, and coordinates with international agencies responsible for establishing international standards.


 to facilitate development of institutional structures and human capital in developing countries to gather, analyze, and use transport emissions and energy use data

 to strengthen policy formulation in relation to the automotive and fuels industries, transport emissions control and transportation demand management

 to work with other international agencies on the setting of standards and goals related to transport emissions

Principal activities:

 Development of an ASIF-based national transport energy consumption and emissions model

This project would have as its ultimate aim the definition of a modeling and data collection framework to enable effective, policy-oriented analysis of transport energy demand. As a first task in this effort, the GITE shall commission a study to look at data needs to be able to project energy consumption and emissions from the transport sector, based on the ASIF framework.

 Regional workshops on transport emission standards, indicators and policy formulation

These regional workshops would bring together policy makers and other officials responsible for transportation statistics and policy formulation to discuss conceptual issues and policies related to transport energy and pollutant emissions. Each region will produce, a plan for the production of transport emissions and energy use indicators.

 TEKI web page

The primary purpose of this web-site will be to provide a forum for discussion of transport emissions policy, publish best practice examples and provide basic information on transport and energy use in developing countries as it becomes available.