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Small Initiatives Clearinghouse (SIC)



The SIC program is intended to identify and define small projects, to be implemented by private sector interests or by national governments, which introduce new technologies or undertake other actions that reduce transport emissions. The program would work with project sponsors to develop a project to the concept stage sufficient for presentation to potential financing agencies. The SIC would also seek to identify suitable financing mechanisms.


 to provide a single resource for information on small initiatives in various countries which focus on transport emissions reduction and energy efficiency oriented specifically to developing countries

 to identify and develop specific projects to the concept stage and advise on financing mechanisms.

Principal Activities:

 The primary purpose of the SIC will be to collect and disseminate information on pilot and other small projects being undertaken in developing countries around the world on various aspects of transport energy and emissions reduction. This effort should aim to be as comprehensive as possible, and would include activities undertaken by GITE participants.

 Specific initiatives that may require financing will be developed into project concepts and presented to suitable financial institutions.