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Partnership for Vehicle and Fuel Technology Management (PVFTM)



The PVFTM is a consortium of Strategic Business Partners comprising participating multi-national auto manufacturing and petroleum companies who are willing to enter into technology sharing arrangements with developing country industries. The PVFTM will assist in identifying technology needs and matching them with available solutions.


 to exchange information and develop plans to upgrade technologies of motor vehicle manufacturing, maintenance and operations, in developing countries in order to reduce transport emissions, energy intensity, and mobile source air pollution.

 to enable dialog among vehicle manufacturers and fuel refiners with primary markets in developing countries, those with primary markets in developed ones, and policy makers, in order to improve the quality of transportation fuels in developing countries.

Principal Activities:

 Background report on automobile manufacturing in and for developing countries

This report will provide information about motor-vehicle manufacturers that serve developing countries as their primary markets, i.e. those who produce vehicles intended to be in initial use in developing countries. The report would include: descriptions of manufacturing capacity; energy efficiency and emissions factors of principal products; production quantities; and key issues affecting the ability to upgrade their technology.

 Background report on fuel refining, storage, and distribution in developing countries

This report will provide basic information about the fuel supply in various developing country markets including information on the grades and quality of fuels produced/supplied, refinery capacities and plans for upgrading production and distribution systems.

 Roundtables of vehicle manufacturers, fuel companies, and policy makers

The GITE will organize workshops with participants drawn from vehicle manufacturers, fuel companies, policy makers, and transport emissions experts. The workshops will focus on vehicle production and fuel refining/supply.

Vehicle manufacturing: The focus here will be to explore the transfer of technologies at a relatively low cost in order to upgrade vehicle manufacturing in developing countries.

Fuel Refining: This will focus on the refining, storage and distribution of unleaded - and eventually reformulated/oxygenated - gasolines and low-sulfur diesels. Practical difficulties such as the cost of upgrading refining capacity and distribution facilities, capability of the existing fleet to utilize improved fuel blends, introduction of catalysts in the vehicle fleet will be discussed.

 PVFTM web page

The primary function of this web page will be to disseminate information of interest to policy makers, GITE industry partners, and the international transport community on vehicle and fuel technology for developing country markets. The web page will provide regular updates on recent developments, new technologies, evolving technical standards, etc.