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Asia Workshop on I&M Policy


The GITE sponsored a Workshop on Inspection and Maintenance Policy in Asia on 10-12 December 2001. The Workshop was held in cooperation with the UN Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (UN ESCAP) and the Japan Automobile Research Institute (JARI) and took place at the ESCAP Conference Center in Bangkok, Thailand.

The Workshop aimed to assist developing countries in Asia to identify and promote appropriate policies to encourage Inspection and Maintenance programmes at the national level. It is hoped that it will contribute to the Asian region's ability to promote vehicle safety standards, enhance transport energy efficiency and reduce emissions from vehicles. Regional and international knowledge was shared and information and lessons learned regarding the implementation of national programmes for transportation policy aimed at reducing emissions were highlighted.

The meeting brought together prominent regional and international experts in this field. Presentations on key issues along with open discussions and exercises were given by participants to foster a sharing of knowledge, expertise, and concerns on the subject. Lessons learned in various countries were highlighted. The Workshop was attended by officials and experts from Governments, industry, and non-governmental organisations, as well as representatives from appropriate international organisations.


Background Note


Participant List

Conclusions and Recommendations of Workshop

Resource Documents:

UNEP-OECD Paper on Phasing out of Lead from Gasoline: An examination of Policy Approaches in Different Countries

UNEP-OECD Paper on Older Gasoline Vehicles: Their Importance and the Policy Options for Addressing Them

Papers and Presentations Given by Participants:

International Organizations:

* Martin Lentsch, Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific - presentation

* Asif Faiz, World Bank - paper, presentation

* Charles Melhuish, Asian Development Bank - presentation

* Cornelius Huizenga, Asian Development Bank - presentation


* Fu Lixin and Ma Yongliang, Tsinghua University- paper, presentation


* Atanu Ganguli, Society of Indian Automobile Manufacturers - paper, presentation

* Madhuri Marathe, Automobile Research Association of India - paper, graphs

* Kisan Mehta and Priya Salvi, Save Bombay Committee - paper

* B. Sengupta, Ministry of Environment and Forests - presentation


* Reinhard Kolke, German Federal Environmental Agency and Agus Harris, Surabaya Communications Agency - paper, presentation

* Martin Steckdaub and Restiti Sekartini, Swisscontact - paper, presentation


* Kiyoyuki Minato, Japan Automobile Research Institute - presentation

* Keiko Hirota, Japan Automobile Research Institute - paper, presentation

* Masayoshi Tanishita, Chuo University - paper, presentation


* Aminuddin Ishak, Department of Environment - paper, presentation

* Tengku Jamaluddin Tengku Mahmud Shah, Malaysian Centre for Transport Studies - paper


* Anil Shankar Giri, Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Supplies - paper, presentation

* P.K. Jha, Tribhuvan University - paper, presentation


* Crispin E. Diaz, University of the Philippines - paper, presentation

Sri Lanka:

* Don S. Jayaweera, Ministry of Transport - paper, presentation

* W.M.T. Susil Perera, Ceylon German Technical-Training Institute - paper


* Viroat Srisurapanon and Chana Wanichapun, King Monkut's University of Technology - paper, presentation


* Pham Quang Thanh, Vietnam Register - paper, presentation

Results of Group Exercises:

Session 4, Group A: Legal Aspects - presentation

Session 4, Group B: Technical Aspects - presentation

Session 4, Group C: Fiscal Aspects - presentation

Session 4, Group D: Institutional Aspects - presentation

Session 6, Group 1: private passenger cars and jeeps - presentation

Session 6, Group 2: public and intermediate public transport - (a) presentation, (b) presentation

Session 6, Group 3: consumer goods vehicles - presentation

Session 6, Group 4: private scooters and motorcycles - presentation