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Monitoring, assessment and reporting is one of the six principle functions of the Forum. At UNFF's first session, countries identified three areas related to this function:(a) Progress in implementation of the IPF/IFF proposals for action; (b) Progress towards sustainable management of all types of forests; and (c) Review of the effectiveness (i.e., of the international arrangement on forests). Countries further agreed that voluntary reporting to the Forum would begin at the second session of UNFF with a focus on implementation of the IPF/IFF proposals for action. UNFF1 did not however decide upon guidelines or a format for national reports to UNFF2. At UNFF2, the Forum requested the UNFF Secretariat to develop a suggested reporting format.

Voluntary reports to UNFF are designed to be useful planning tools for countries. The reporting process is intended to help countries assess their progress in implementing IPF/IFF proposals for action, analyze lessons learned, identify gaps and obstacles that the country might wish to address, and catalyze enhanced cooperation and coordination on forests among government agencies and other stakeholders in the country. The reports are intended to help identify actions that may be taken at regional and international levels, including by UNFF, to facilitate countries' efforts to achieve sustainable forest management.

Streamlining Forest-related Reporting
At its second session, UNFF invited CPF members to streamline reporting requests so as to the reduce reporting burden on countries. The CPF subsequently estabished a task force for this purpose. For more information on forest-related reporting and the work of the CPF Task Force on Streamlining Forest-related Reporting, see:

National Reporting for NLBI
Monitoring and assessing progress towards implementation of the Non-legally binding instrument on all types of forests (forest instrument) and the achievement of the Global Objectives on Forests (GOFs) are critical components of the Forum's work. The successful implementation of the forest instrument required improved national reporting by countries to help assess progress, identify needs, and to promote a more effective sharing of experiences and best practices. UNFFS is expected to develop a streamlined reporting format, in consultation with other members of the CPF to ensure simple voluntary national reporting for UNFF10 focused on the implementation of the forest instrument and a balanced reporting of all the 4 GOFs (UNFF9 Omnibus Resolution Item 3, para1).


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