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Sustainable Forest Management for Peace Building - Advance Unedited Version

UN-DESA Policy Brief No. 16
Forests: the Green and REDD of Climate Change
April 2009

UN-DESA Policy Brief No. 15
Finance for Forests and Climate Change
April 2009

International Forest Policy - the instruments, agreements and processes that shape it
June 2007
Highlights from "Enabling Sustainable Forest Management: Strategies for equitable development, for forests, for people"

April 2007

Brief study on Funding and Finance for Forestry and Forest-Base sector
Ivan Tomaselli

January 2006

Transfer of Environmentally Sound Technologies for Sustainable Forest Management
Framework and Applications

December 2005

Implementation of Proposals for Action Agreed by Intergovernmental Panel on Forests and by Intergovernmental Forum on Forests (IPF/IFF)
Action for Sustainable Forest Management

December 2005

Review of the Effectiveness of the International Arrangement on Forests
Analytical Study

March 2005

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