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8-19 April 2013: Journal of the United Nations Forum on Forests Tenth session
8 April [en] [fr] | 9 April [en] [fr] | 10 April [en] [fr] | 11 April [en] [fr] | 12 April [en] [fr] 13 April [en] [fr] | 16 April [en] [fr] | 17 April [en] [fr] | 18 April [en] [fr] | 19 April [en] [fr]

UNFF10 Statements made by United Nations DESA USG Mr Wu Hongbo

March 21 2013: UN chief, marking International Day, urges greater protection for world's forests

March 21 2013: The International Day of Forests press release

March 21 2013: The Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon message on the International Day


9 February 2012: UN wraps up year of forests by highlighting their social and economic value

27 January 2012: Interview (video) with UNFF Director Jan McAlpine on Sustainable Forest Management during the Country-led-initiative in Vietnam

January 2012: "Creating visibility for forests worldwide", an interview with UNFF Director Jan McAlpine about the International Year of Forests.


11 October 2011: UNFF Director Jan McAlpine talks about the impact of desertification on culture and advocates large scale reforestation.

21 September 2011: Forest policies in Rwanda, United States and Gambia win UN-backed awards

2 August 2011: Trees 'speak out' in UN writing competition to save forests


4 June 2010: Marking World Environment Day, UN sounds alarm on biodiversity | World Environment Day's focus on biodiversity critical in spurring public conservation actions, says Director of UN Forests Forum

25 May 2010: United Nations entities join forces to address mounting pressures on forests, drylands amid efforts to ensure more effective implementation of sustainable land management



15 December 2009: UN Forum on Forests Secretariat and Convention on Biological Diversity Secretariat enter into Partnership - Memorandum of Understanding (MoU)

13 December 2009: Forest Day 3 at COP15 , Copenhagen
- UNFF Secretariat co-hosts sub plenary on Forest Degradation and learning event on financing.
- Forest Day 3 Co-Host, UNFF Secretariat facilitates financing for forests and climate change discussions
- ENB coverage of Forest Day 3

30 October 2009: Special Session of UNFF9, UNHQ New York
- UN Press Release "United Nations Forum on Forests Approves Key Initiatives on Forest Financing"
- UN New Centre "UN Member States reach agreement on financing of sustainable forests"
- IISD Linkages coverage of the Special Session

23 September 2009: UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon’s remarks at the High-level Event on REDD, UNHQ New York
"Partnership of Developing, Developed Nations Must Respect Forest-Country Sovereignty, Support Indigenous Peoples"

4 May 2009: Concluding Eighth Session, UN Forum on Forests Calls For Urgent Coordinated Action to Combat Biodiversity Loss, Other Looming Environmental Threats

28 April 2009: Forum on Forests Considers Input by Civil Society as Delegates continue Multi-Stakeholder Dialogue with Major Groups

24 April 2009: Forum on Forests holds Mid-Session Review of progress in negotiations by Working Groups, considers Next Week's Discussion

22 April 2009: Proposed Meeting to Discuss 'Alarming' Rate of Deforestation Draws Interest as Forum on Forests Concludes General Debate

21 April 2009: Forum Focuses on Potential Strategic Role of Sustainable Forest Management in Climate Change Mitigation, Adaptation Measures

20 April 2009: Chairman Calls for ‘Breakthrough’ In Translating Concept into Reality as United Nations Forum on Forests opens Eighth Session

17 April 2009: As 2009 Forum Opens, Member States to Grapple with Funding for Forest Management in times of Changing Environment (Background Press Release)


18 December 2007: General Assembly Adopts Landmark International Agreement on Forests, Setting New Standard for their Management (Press Release)

17 December 2007: General Assembly adopts new agreement to protect world’s forests (UN News Centre)

02 October 2007: ECOSOC to recommend General Assembly’s adoption of the non-legally binding instrument on all types of forests

28 April 2007: UN Adopts new International Agreement on Forests

23 April 2007: Civil Society Groups want decisive action to sustain world’s forests, UN Forum on Forests told as it holds Multi-Stakeholder Dialogue

18 April 2007: UN Forum on Forests holds panel with Collaborative Partnership on Forests, and holds Multi-Stakeholder Dialogue

17 April 2007: Preparations for 2011 International Year of Forests launched by UN Forum on Forests

16 April 2007: UN opens session to negotiate new agreement on forests

16 April 2007: New Agreement on Sustainable Management of World’s Forests focus, as UN Forum on Forests opens two-week session

13 April 2007: UN Forum on Forests seeks to finalize new International Agreement at Headquarters 16-27 April (Background Release)


20 December 2006: UN General Assembly declares 2011 as International Year of Forests

15 December 2006: UN moves forward on New International Agreement on Forests

11 December 2006: Negotiators gather at UN to draft new agreement to manage world's forests

7 December 2006: United Nations begins drafting New International Agreement on Forests (Background Release)

24 February 2006: Four Global Objectives on Forests Agreed Upon

13 February 2006: UN-backed talks on managing the world's forests start today

13 February 2006: Sixth Session of UN Forum on Forests opens at Headquarters

9 February 2006: Sixth Session of UN Forum on Forests at Headquarters 13-24 February (Background Release)


26 May 2005: Ministers examine ways to strengthen Sustainable Management of Forests

17 May 2005: 2004 Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Wangari Maathai tells UN Forum "From smallest to largest, forests must be protected"

13 May 2005: UN forum to review effectiveness of global accord on forests

13 May 2005: Nobel Laureate Wangari Maathai to be keynote guest of the UN Forum on Forests (Media Advisory)

12 May 2005: UN Report says Deforestation Continuing at Alarming Rate, as Forum on Forests Meets at Headquarters 16 - 27 May English || French

7 February 2005: Forests Central to Anti-Poverty, Sustainable Development Efforts, says Secretary-General in Message to Brazzaville Summit

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