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International Day of Forests - Logo

International Day of Forests Logo

Global celebration of forests

21 March has been declared to be the International Day of Forests by the United Nations General Assembly

The International Day of Forests (IDF) logo (the "IDF logo" hereafter) was designed by the United Nations Graphic Design Unit to celebrate the central role of people in the sustainable management, conservation and sustainable development of our world's forests. The design is based on the International Year of Forests (Forests 2011) logo.

The iconographic elements in the design depict many of the multiple values of forests and the need for a 360-degree perspective: forests provide shelter to people and habitat to biodiversity; are a source of food, medicine and clean water; and play a vital role in maintaining a stable global climate and environment.

All of these elements taken together reinforce the message that forests are vital to the survival and well being of people everywhere, all 7 billion of us.

To request the logo

Please read and submit the International Day of Forests Waiver.

international day of forests logo

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