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International conference on certification and labelling of products from sustainable managed forests, sponsored by Australia || Summary Brisbane, Australia 26-31 May 1996
International workshop on financial mechanisms and sources of finance for sustainable forestry, co-sponsored by Denmark, South Africa and UNDP || Summary Pretoria, South Africa 3-7 June 1996
Expert consultation on implementing the Forest Principles: promotion of national forest and land-use programmes, sponsored by Germany || Summary Feldafing, Germany 17-21 June 1996
International expert meeting on rehabilitation of degraded forest ecosystems, co-sponsored by Cape Verde, Portugal, Senegal, the European Community and FAO || Summary Lisbon, Portugal 24-28 June 1996
Expert meetings on forests on the theme "Overview on international organizations, institutions and instruments related to forests", co-sponsored by Switzerland and Peru || Summary Geneva, Switzerland 5-8 March and 24-28 June 1996
Expert group meeting on trade, labelling of timber and certification of sustainable forest management, co-sponsored by Germany and Indonesia || Summary Bonn, Germany 12-16 August 1996
Intergovernmental seminar on criteria and indicators for sustainable forest management, sponsored by Finland || Summary Helsinki, Finland 19-22 August 1996
A study sponsored by the Government of Norway, entitled "Long-term trends and prospects in supply and demand for wood products, and possible implications for sustainable forest management", culminated in a report entitled "Long-term trends and prospects in wood supply and demand for wood, and implications for sustainable forest management: a synthesis" || Summary    
Expert meeting on sustainable forestry and land use on the theme "The process of consensus-building", co-sponsored by Sweden and Uganda || Summary Stockholm, Sweden 14-18 October 1996
International workshop on integrated application of sustainable forest management practices, co-sponsored by Japan, Canada, Malaysia, Mexico, FAO and ITTO || Summary Kochi, Japan 22-25 November 1996
International meeting of indigenous and other forest-dependent peoples on the conservation and sustainable management of forests, supported by the Governments of Colombia and Denmark. The meeting was led by the International Alliance of the Indigenous-Tribal Peoples of the Tropical Forest, in cooperation with the Indigenous Council for the Amazon Basin || Report to IPF Leticia, Colombia 9-13 December 1996

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