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UNFF2 Meeting Summary - 27 January 2002

Joint Meeting between the Bureaux of the WSSD and UNFF

The joint bureau meeting between the bureaux of the WSSD and UNFF was held in New York on Sunday, 27 January 2002. The meeting was attended by Dr. Emil Salim, Chairman of WSSD Bureau, Mr. Knut Øistad, Chairman of UNFF2 Bureau and the members of both bureaux (For the complete list of participants see Annex 1 below).

The meeting focused primarily on the preparations for the second session of UNFF and “contribution of forests in the WSSD process”.

1. Preparations for the second session of UNFF

2. Forests in the WSSD Process

Annex 1. List of participants

1. Preparations for the second session of UNFF

Mr. Øistad and Ms. Patricia Chaves, briefed the WSSD Bureau on the latest development in the preparations for UNFF2. The second session was originally planned to be held in San Jose, Costa Rica from 4 to 15 March 2002. However, the Government of Costa Rica today informed the Bureau that due to unforeseen circumstances, it has regretfully decided to withdraw its offer to host the second session of UNFF in San Jose.

The UNFF Secretariat has started exploring possible alternative venues and dates for UNFF2. Considering the schedule of the third Prepcom of the WSSD process (25 March-5 April), the WSSD Bureau members noted that the UNFF Bureau should make every effort to organize its second meeting so that its contribution, including the ministerial message to WSSD, should be submitted to the third Prepcom. They emphasized that the First Session of the Prepcom had recommended that all relevant inputs should be made available to the Third Session.

The chairmen and the members of the both Bureaux agreed to continue consultations in this regard.

2. Forests in the WSSD Process

Dr. Salim emphasized the importance of UNFF as a well-placed body under ECOSOC, with universal membership and with a Multi-year Programme of Work and Plan of Action.

Mr. Øistad highlighted the progress and achievements of the intergovernmental forest policy process in the post-Rio period. He also expressed the commitment of the UNFF Bureau to contribute, in an effective manner, to the WSSD and urged the WSSD Bureau to view UNFF2 as one of the important preparatory meetings to WSSD.

The meeting concluded on the note of continued cooperation and consultations.

Annex 1. List of participants

WSSD Bureau

1. Dr. Emil Salim of Indonesia, Chairman
2. Ms. Maria Luiza Ribeiro Viotti, Vice-Chairperson
3. Mr. Richard Ballhorn of Canada, Vice-Chairman
4. Mr. Jan Kära of Czech Republic, Vice-Chairman
5. Mr. Ahmed Ahab Gamaleldin of Egypt, Vice-Chairman
6. Ms. Diane Marie Quarless of Jamaica, Vice- Chairperson
7. H.E. Mr. Kiyotaka Akasaka of Japan, Vice-Chairman
8. Mr. Ositadinma Anaedu of Nigeria, Vice-Chairman
9. H.E. Mr. Alexandru Nicolescu of Romania, Vice-Chairman
10. H.E. Mr. Lars-Goran Engfeldt of Sweden, Vice-Chairman
11. Ms. Jeanette Ndhlovu of South Africa, ex-officio member of the Bureau

UNFF Bureau

1. Mr. Knut Øistad of Norway, Chairman
2. Ms. Patricia Chaves of Costa Rica, Vice Chairman
3. Mr. Ositadinma Anaedu of Nigeria, Vice-Chairman
4. Mr. Hossein Moeini Meybodi of Iran, Vice-Chairman


1. Mr. Jag Maini, UNFF Secretariat
2. Mr. Mahendra Joshi, UNFF Secretariat
3. Mr. Navid Hanif, Division for sustainable Development
4. Ms. Monika Linn, Division for sustainable Development
5. Ms. Elisabeth Barsk-Rundquist, Division for sustainable Development
6. Mr. Ngurah Swajaya, P.M. Mission of Indonesia to the UN

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