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Participants and Travel

The ad hoc expert group will be composed of experts, participating in their personal capacity, from all UNFF Member States. Travel support and a daily subsistence allowance at the established United Nations rates will be provided to one expert from each developing country, as well as to one expert from countries with economies in transition. While the Secretariat has extended the 31 Marcy 2004 deadline, it is now imperative that those countries that wish to have an expert from their country to participate in the ad hoc expert group, to send the name of this expert to the UNFF Secretariat through their Mission in New York in the very near future, if they have not done so already. The names and contact of information should be sent to the UNFF Secretariat otherwise the Secretariat will not be able to process the necessary travel arrangements, nor will it be able to give the experts the necessary time to arrange for accommodations, necessary visas to travel to and enter the United States.


Experts will be registered through the UNFF Secretariat and will be able to pick up their UN grounds passes in the visitors' entrance of the UN headquarters in New York. Member States participants should register in the normal fashion through UN protocol. Major Groups accredited with ECOSOC should register by sending their list of participants on an official letter head to the UNFF Secretariat.


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