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International Arrangement on Forests
Views and proposals on the IAF

Resolution 2 of UNFF10 invites Member States and other relevant stakeholders to submit their views on and proposals on the International Arrangement on Forests

Views and Proposals submitted to AHEG1 on the IAF

Member States:

Major Groups
Joint Submission from all Major Groups
Submission from Children and Youth Major Group

Views and Proposals submitted after AHEG1 on the IAF
Thailand(Received in February 2014)

Views and Proposals submitted to AHEG2 on the IAF
The UNFF11 Bureau, at its fourth meeting on 1 July 2014, decided to solicit a second round of voluntary inputs from Member States and relevant stakeholders on the future of the IAF. The compilation of these views will be presented to the AHEG2. The deadline to send these inputs was 5 December 2014.

Member States:
Russian Federation - English | Russian

European Union

Collaborative Partnership on Forests (CPF)
Views by CPF members on the future of the CPF

Regional and Sub-Regional Entities
African Forest Forum

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