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Addressing systemic issues: enhancing the coherence and consistency of the international monetary, financial and trading systems in support of development

Extracts of Key FfD Documents

Agreed Agenda  (June 2000)
Report of the Secretary General (Jan 2001)
First Working Paper of the Facilitator (March 2001)
Joint Statement of the Co-Chairmen of the Preparatory Committee (March 2001)
High-Level Panel on Financing for Development (June 2001)
Technical Notes by the Secretariat: No.1: "Existing proposals for enhanced international cooperation on tax matters"; No.2: "Existing proposals for international cooperation to combat corruption, including repatriation of illegally transferred funds to the countries of origin";  No.4: "Existing proposals to promote the increased and more effective participation of developing countries in the trade and financial decision-making  processes",  No.8:   "Existing proposals on financial crisis prevention, including operation of early warning systems and transparent and predictable international financial markets", No.9: "Existing proposals to ensure availability of sufficient international liquidity in order, inter alia, to avoid unnecessarily recessive adjustment processes", (Sept 2001)
Draft Outcome prepared by the Facilitator (Sept 2001)
Revised Draft Outcome prepared by the Facilitator ( Dec 2001)
Draft outcome of the International Conference on Financing for Development  - Monterrey Consensus (Jan 2002)

Recent High-Level Policy Texts

Development Committee-Communique,17 November 2001,Ottawa, Canada

Asia Pacific Economic Council: Leader's Declaration, 21 October 2001, Shanghai, China

Asia Pacific Economic Council-Joint Ministerial Declaration, 9 September 2001,Suzhou, China

G77 - Tehran Consensus - 22 August 2001, Tehran, Iran

LDC's Trade Minister's Meeting - Zanzibar Declaration, 24 July 2001, Zanzibar, Tanzania

G8: The Final Official Notice, Genoa, July 2001

G-7 - Report of G-7 Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors July 7, 2001, Rome, Italy


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