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Ad Hoc Group of Experts on International Cooperation in Tax Matters

11th Meeting, Geneva, 15-19 December 2003


ST/SG/AC.8/2003/L.1 Provisional agenda
ST/SG/AC.8/2003/L.2 Mutual Assistance in collection of tax debts and protocol for the mutual assistance procedure
ST/SG/AC.8/2003/L.3 Abuse of tax treaties and treaty shopping
ST/SG/AC.8/2003/L.4 The interaction of tax, trade and investment
ST/SG/AC.8/2003/L.5 plus
Financial taxation and equity market development: optimal financial market tax policies for developing countries
ST/SG/AC.8/2003/L.6 Institutional framework for international tax cooperation
ST/SG/AC.8/2003/L.8 Intermediation and arbitration: the Arbitration Convention of the European Union for the resolution of transfer pricing disputes
ST/SG/AC.8/2003/L.9 Impact of electronic commerce on allocation of tax revenue between developed and developing countries
ST/SG/AC.8/2003/L.10 Tax treatment of cross-border interest income and capital flights: recent developments
ST/SG/AC.8/2003/L.11 Report of proceedings, 15 December 2003
ST/SG/AC.8/2003/L.11/Add.1 Report of proceedings, 16 December 2003

For more information, please contact: Michael Lennard, Secretary,
Committee of Experts on International Cooperation in Tax Matters


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