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Improper Use of Treaties / Treaty Abuses and treaty shopping


17 October 2008 Note by the Coordinator of the Subcommittee on "Improper use of treaties: Proposed amendments" (E/C.18/2008/CRP.2)


22 October 2007 Improper use of treaties (E/C.18/2007/CRP.2 English, E/C.18/2007/CRP.2 Spanish)


16 October 2006 Supplementary Note to Treaty Abuse and Treaty Shopping (E/C.18/2006/2) (E/C.18/2006/2/Add.1)
16 October 2006 Treaty Abuse and Treaty Shopping (E/C.18/2006/2) (Advance Unedited Version)


15 November 2005 Abuse of tax treaties and treaty shopping (E/C.18/2005/2)

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