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The International Conference on Financing for Development was held from 18-22 March 2002 in Monterrey, N.L., Mexico. This United Nations-hosted conference on key financial and development issues attracted 50 Heads of State or Government, over 200 ministers as well as leaders from the private sector, civil society and all the major intergovernmental financial, trade, economic, and monetary organizations.

The culmination of a four-year preparatory process, the Conference  adopted the Monterrey Consensus, in which developed, developing and transition economy countries pledged to undertake important actions in domestic, international and systemic policy matters. In December of 2002, the General Assembly set in motion a detailed follow-up intergovernmental process, as called for in the Consensus, to monitor implementation and carry foward the international discussion of policies for financing development. The Assembly also called on the Secretary-General to establish a standing secretariat to support the process. The Financing for Development Office was then created in the Department of Economic and Social Affairs (DESA).

This web site, maintained by the Financing for Development Office, serves to disseminate information on all aspects of the follow-up process.


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