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High-level Dialogue on Financing for Development

29 - 30 October 2003, New York

As of 30 October 2003


The link between the progress in the implementation of the agreements and commitments reached at the International Conference on Financing for Development and the achievement of the Declaration, and the promotion of sustainable development, sustained economic growth and the eradication of poverty with a view to achieving an equitable global economic system

(29 October 2003 (p.m.), ECOSOC Chamber )


  1. H.E. Mr. Fernando CANALES CLARIOND, Minister of Economy, Mexico
  2. Mr. Mark ALLEN, Director, Policy Development & Review Department, IMF


  1. Member States
    1. African States: 2 members
      Cte d'Ivoire, Ethiopia
    2. Asian States: 2 members
      China, Iran (Islamic Republic of)
    3. Eastern European States: no members
    4. Latin American and Caribbean States: 6 members
      Dominican Republic, Honduras
    5. Western European and other States: 3 members
      Luxembourg, Portugal, Turkey
    6. Observer State: Holy See
  2. Observers, entities of the United Nations system and intergovernmental organizations other than observers (5)

    1. OECD
    2. World Bank (Mr. Eduardo Doryan, Special Representative to the United Nations)
    3. UNCTAD (Mr. Jan Kregel, Senior Advisor, New York Office)
    4. ILO (Mr. John LANGMORE, Representative to the United Nations)
    5. EC (Mr. John B. RICHARDSON, Head of Delegation)
  3. Representatives of civil society (3):
    1. Mr. Rene VALLADON, Secretaire Confederal, Ouvrierre, France International Confederation of Free Trad Unions (ICFTU)
    2. Ms. Oksana KISSELYOVA, President, Liberal Society Institute, Ukraine, WEDO
    3. Mr. Garth LE PERE, Executive Director, Institute for Global Dialogue, South Africa Friedrich Evert Foundation
  4. Representatives of the business sector (3):
    1. Mr. Nick SULLIVAN, Associate Director, Mony Matters Institute
    2. TCS (Private) Limited, Pakistan
    3. Mr. James MUTANDE, former Manager, Uganda Commercial Bank - Sammuels Associate


The Co-Chairs opened the meeting. Co-Chair, H.E. Mr. Fernando Canales Clariond, Minister of Economy of Mexico made an introductory statement.  An interactive dialogue ensued with the participation of the representatives above. The Co-Chairs summarized the discussion of the round table.


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