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High-level Dialogue on Financing for Development

29 - 30 October 2003, New York

As of 30 October 2003


Coherence and consistency of the international monetary, financial and trading systems in support of development

(28 October 2003 (a.m.), Conference Room 7)


  1. H.E. Ms. Ruth JACOBY, Director-General for Developmen Cooperation, Sweden
  2. Mr. J. LINTJER, Vice President, Asian Development Bank


  1. Member States
    1. African States: 2 members
      Cameroon,  Mozambique
    2. Asian States: 1 member
    3. Eastern European States: no members
    4. Latin American and Caribbean States: 1 member
    5. Western European and other States: 1 member
  2. Observers, entities of the United Nations system and intergovernmental organizations other than observers (3)
    1. World Bank (Mr. Amar Bhattacharya, Sr. Advisor, Poverty Reduction & Economic Management)
    2. UNCTAD (Mr. Jan Kregel, Senior Advisor, New York Office)
    3. ILO (Mr. John LANGMORE, Representative to the United Nations)
  3. Representatives of civil society (3):
    1. Mr. Jeff POWELL, Communications and Research Director, The Bretton Woods Project, Action Aid, UK
    2. Dr. Chandra PATEL, Director/Founder, Southern and Eastern African Trade Information and Negotiations Institute (SEATINI), Zimbabwe
    3. Mr. Irfan UL HAQUE, Director, South Voice Third World Network
  4. Representatives of the business sector (3):
    1. Ms. Marie CAVANAUGH, Managing Director, Standard and Poor's - Business Council for the United Nations
    2. Mr. Rick SAMANS, Director of Global Issues, World Economic Forum
    3. Mr. Eduardo MONTIEL, Director, Banco America Central - Samuels Associates.


The Co-Chairs made introductory statements. An interactive dialogue ensued with the participation of the above representatives. The Co-Chairs summarized the discussion of the round table.

Summary of the roundtable to follow.


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