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High-level Dialogue on Financing for Development

29 - 30 October 2003, New York

As of 30 October 2003


Coherence and consistency of the international monetary, financial and trading systems in support of development

(29 October 2003 (a.m.), Conference Room 6)


  1. H.E. Mrs. Luisa DIOGO, Minister for Planning and Finance, Mozambique
  2. Mr. Ian GOLDIN, Vice President for External & UN Affairs, World Bank


  1. Member States:
    1. African States: no members
    2. Asian States: 3 members
      Japan, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia
    3. Eastern European States: 1 member
    4. Latin American and Caribbean States: 1 member
    5. Western European and other States: 5 members
      Canada, France
  2. Observers, entities of the United Nations system and intergovernmental organizations other than observers (2)
    1. ECE (Ms. Brigita Schmognerova, Executive Secretary)
    2. EC (Mr. Pierre Defraigne, DG for Trade)
  3. Representatives of civil society (3):
    1. Ms. Esther AGUILAR, Economist, Association of Cuban Economists and Accountants
    2. Paul TENNESSEE, Director, Washington Liaison Office, World Confederation of Labour
    3. Mr. Joseph STIGLITZ, Professor, Columbia University Sustainable Development Institute, USA
  4. Representatives of the business sector (3):
    1. Ms. Maria LIVANOS CATTAUI, Secretary-General, International Chamber of Commerce
    2. Mr. Frank FERNANDEZ, Senior Vice President and Chief Economist, Securities Industry Association
    3. Mr. Mendez RODRIGUEZ, Cuban Chamber of Chamber of Commerce (International Chamber of Commerce)


The Co-Chairs made introductory remarks. An interactive dialogue ensued with the participation of the above representatives. Co-Chair, Mr. Ian Goldin, Vice-President for External and United Nations Affairs of the World Bank, made a statement summarizing the discussion.


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