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Press Releases

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2 December 2008 General assembly president hails Doha Conference as paving way for ‘people-centred development’
2 December 2008 Non-governmental organizations welcome conference outcome, note ‘missed opportunity in some respects’
2 December 2008 Conference went beyond follow-up to mark ‘historic’ new beginning, says French Development Minister
2 December 2008 Follow-up International Conference ends with adoption of text calling for further meeting on world financial crisis
2 December 2008 Round table on systemic issues hears call for greater developing-world ‘voice’ in Bretton Woods system
2 December 2008 Conference succeeded in reaffirming need to continue development aid, says Secretary-General's envoy
2 December 2008 Final conference text to include plans for meeting on world financial crisis, Executive Secretary says
1 December 2008 Wealthy nations, others behind financial crisis must take responsibility, round table on debt told
1 December 2008 Round table moderator stresses need to reiterate calls for scaled-up aid in light of ‘changed global realities’
1 December 2008 UN officials call for ‘new global deal’ at press conference to launch report on world economy
1 December 2008 Continue struggle against pandemic, panellists urge at press conference to mark world aids day
1 December 2008

Coordinated, massive and swift economic stimulus required to counteract synchronized global downturn, new UN report asserts

Pre-Release: World Economic Situation and Prospects 2009

30 November 2008 Secretary-General calls for $30 billion to restructure world agriculture, create long-term food security
30 November 2008 Experts stress need to avoid protectionism, as round table discusses trade as engine of development
30 November 2008 Need for creative development finance initiatives stressed at signing of accord on turning debt into health funding
30 November 2008 Round-table panellists call for resolute action to shore up confidence amid global financial, economic woes
29 November 2008 UN Agencies: Investing in development is not only the moral choice, it is also in everyone’s self-interest
29 November 2008 The Secretary-General remarks at side-event on innovative financing mechanisms
29 November 2008 The Secretary-General remarks to lunch event on financing for development and the economics of gender
29 November 2008 The Secretary-General remarks at event for global sport fund for youth
29 November 2008 The Secretary-General remarks to the United Nations advisory group on inclusive financial sectors
29 November 2008 Taxes provide platform for sustainable development, round table on domestic resource mobilization told
29 November 2008

Secretary-General opens follow-up conference in Doha with call for boldness, will to lead in ‘taming’ global economic turmoil

General Assembly President Says Transformation of ‘Faltering’ Economic, Financial System Is Moral Duty as Emir of Qatar Calls Development ‘Umbrella of Peace’

29 November 2008 Secretary-General calls for genuine, ‘elastic multilateralism’ to tackle global challenges simultaneously
29 November 2008 Daily press briefing by conference spokesperson
28 November 2008

Addressing common concerns through renewed cooperation: Informal high-level discussion on the implications of the financial crisis for development, climate change and multilateralism

The retreat is hosted jointly by the Secretary-General of the United Nations and the Emir of Qatar at the Four Seasons Hotel, Doha, Qatar

28 November 2008 Background press briefing: What to Look for at the Doha International Conference on Financing for Development
27 November 2008 Secretary-General, in message to flag raising ceremony at development financing review in Doha, says big global challenges require big, practical solutions
18 November 2008 Staats- und Regierungschefs treffen sich in Doha, um ausreichende Entwicklungsfinanzierung zu sichern
11 November 2008 As global economy falters, world leaders to meet in Doha on ensuring sufficient finance for development: Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon convenes Heads of State in response to financial crisis one day prior to UN development summit, 29 November – 2 December
8 September 2008 Talks on development finance start today in UN General Assembly

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