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The Conference

The Monterrey Consensus of the 2002 International Conference on Financing for Development called for a follow-up international conference to review the implementation of the Consensus (para. 73). In its resolution 62/187 of 19 December 2007, the General Assembly decided that the Follow-up International Conference to Review the Implementation of the Monterrey Consensus would be held in Doha, Qatar, from 29 November to 2 December 2008, at the highest possible political level, including with the participation of Heads of State or Government, ministers and special representatives, as appropriate. The Conference included plenary meetings and six interactive multi-stakeholder round tables on the six major thematic areas of the Monterrey Consensus. It resulted in an intergovernmentally agreed outcome, the Doha Declaration on Financing for Development (A/CONF.212/L.1/Rev.1*) and summaries of the plenary meetings and of the roundtable discussions.

The round tables were held under the overall theme "Looking ahead: further cooperative actions in financing for development" and address the six major thematic areas of the Monterrey Consensus, as follows:

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