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List of NGOs Accredited to FfD

Following is a list of non-governmental organizations accredited to the International Conference on Financing for Development or the High-Level Dialogue on Financing for Development

Note: Organizations marked with an asterix (*) were accredited to the High-level Dialogue on Financing for Development.  All others were accredited to the International Conference on Financing for Development.

  1. Action pour le Developpement de L'Afrique a la Base (ADAB)
    • Ms. Odette Shantal Tiomo, President
      P.O Box. 121 Dschang Ouest
    • Tel: (237) 45-12-38, 45-12-50
      Fax: (237) 345-17-00
    • Membership: International
    • Purpose: ADAB operates at the grass root level and promotes development and peace. ADAB activities focus on small communities, indigenous people's rights, youth capacity building, literacy and health programmes.
  2. Action de Junes Unies por le developpement integral (AJUDI)
    • Mr. Khionge Kalamba, President
      19, Rez De Chaussee,Nouvelles Galeries Presidentielles
      Commune De La Gombe
      Kihonge Kalambay
      N° 9/C Quartier Baboma Commune De Matete
      Republique Democratique Du Congo
    • Tel: 243 893 8235
      Fax: 707 922 2154
      E-mail: /
    • Membership: National
    • AJUDI focuses on capacity building and ensuring the well being of the population, with a particular emphasis on youth. Its primary areas of work are education, health and crime prevention.
  3. Action for Economic Reform
    • Marivic Penaflor, Administrative Officer
      P.O. Box 242
      University of the Philippines Campus
      1101 Diliman, Quezon City
    • Telefax: (632) 9279686 local 270
    • Membership: national
    • The goals of Action for Economic Reform are to put in place a macroeconomic environment that addresses equity, democratization and sustainability; build the capacity of people's organizations and non-governmental organizations to intervene in economic policy issues; develop policy alternatives and build economic strategies; influence policy and win concrete policy reforms.
  4. Africa Development Interchange Network (ADIN)
    • Mr. Martin Tsounkeu
      ADIN Word Centre
      P.O. Box 15274 Douala
    • Tel: (237) 774 7828
    • Membership: National
    • Use development facilities in potentially rich African regions to produce needed resources in other African regions (potentially poor), through the following programmes: Agriculture, Healthcare, Education, Trade, etc.
  5. Africa Infrastructures Foundation
    • Emmanuel A. Adeyemo
      21, Bamisile Street off Allen Avenue, Ikeja
      P.O. Box 7793
      Shomolu, Lagos
    • Membership: national
    • The aim of the organization is to provide first-class services to the African community and African and international development organizations to sustain Africa's infrastructures with the purpose of improving the quality of the environment and enhancing socio-economic development through the principles of sustainable development.
  6. African Centre for Empowerment, Gender and Advocacy, The (AC-EGA)
    • Ms. Litha Musyimi-Ogana, Regional Director
      United Nations Avenue, opposite HQ, Gigiri
      P.o.Box 60375 Nairobi
    • Tel: (254) 2 520 247
      Fax: (254) 2 5120 02/ 710305
    • Membership: International
    • Purpose: AC-EGA is a regional NGO working on projects on gender, capacity development, research and policy advocacy specializing in women's health, governance and competence in decision-making.
  7. African Forum and Network on Debt and Development (AFRODAD)
    • Opa Kapijimpanga, Chair of the Board of Trustees
      Suite 17/18/19, Sao Paolo Flats
      158 Union Ave., P.O. Box MR 38
      Marlboorough, Harare
    • Tel: (263) 4 702 093
      Fax: (263) 4 702 143
      Web site:
    • Membership: AFRODAD is a trust and operates on an associate basis instead of a membership basis. The associates are groups initiated by AFRODAD or, in two cases, very close collaborators.
    • AFRODAD's goals are to mobilize African civil society to engage actively in issues of debt and development with their Governments and with the creditor Governments and institutions; to secure adoption of policies and measures by African Governments and their creditors for appropriate, efficient and effective use of loan resources to avoid crises now and in the future; to create sustainable policy coalitions in African countries to deal with debt and related development issues; to undertake research to assist policy makers in their formulations; to facilitate dialogue between civil society organizations and Governments on issues related to debt; to develop African expertise on issues of debt; to collect and disseminate information on issues related to debt for lobbying and advocacy groups in Africa and elsewhere.
  8. African Human Rights Campaign
    • Bueyoe Robert Awankem, Executive President
      P. O. Box 8313, Yaounde
    • Tel: + (237) 22 65 96/ 22 65 97/ 22 10 24
      Fax: + (237) 22 65 97/ 22 10 24
      E-mail: /
    • Membership: national
    • AHRC mandate is to disseminate the principles set forth by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and similar documents; to work closely with Governments through dialogue, negotiation and other progressive activities to ensure that human rights and freedom are in place and guaranteed; to collaborate with other human rights organizations and humanitarian endeavours that strive to better people's dignity and welfare; and to initiate a variety of projects to protect all people from all forms of abuse in a sustainable fashion.
  9. African Network for Environmental and Economic Justice
    • Rev. David Ugolor
      123 First East Circular Road
      Benin City, Edo State
    • Tel/Fax: 234-52-258748
    • Membership: Regional
    • The main objective of ANEEJ is to act, support and collaborate in the elaboration and dissemination of new approaches, policies and activities related to human development questions.
  10. African Women's Economic Policy Network (AWEPON)*
    • Ms. Alice M. Abok, Chairperson
      Plot 2, Sturrock Road
      Kololo, P.O. Box 33576
    • Tel: 256-41-533265
      Fax: 256-41-290211
    • Membership: International
    • The African Women's Economic Policy Network (AWEPON) is an African network of non-governmental organisations based in Uganda that seeks to strengthen the capacity of women at the grass root and national levels to participate in economic policy decision making. AWEPON attempts to increase women's understanding of the content and impact of economic policy by offering training in economic literacy and advocacy.
  11. Agency for Promoting Sustainable Development Initiatives (ASDI)
    • Mr. Oyugi Onono Quirinus
      Board Secretary and Chairman Projects Implementation Committee
      Plot 21 Market Street
      Apac town
      P.O. Box 38 Apac -Uganda
    • Tel: (256) (0)77-439 850
      Fax: (256) 41 236951
      Web site:
    • Membership: National
    • Purpose: ASDI is committed to sustainable development through collaborative efforts of grass roots groups and communities, by increasing incomes of poor agro-based groups in the Apec district. ASDI facilitates the participation of professionals in the development activities and evaluation for development activities and promotes training, savings, credit marketing, team spirits and active participation wit the like-minded organizations.
  12. Agricultural Cooperative Development International and Volunteers in Overseas Cooperative Assistance (ACDI/VOCA)
    • Mr. Michael Deegan
      President and CEO
      40 F. Street, Suite 1075
      Washington, D.C. 20001
      United States of America
    • Tel: (202) 383-4971
      Fax: (202) 783-7204
      Web site:
    • Membership: International
    • ACDI/VOCA is organized and operated exclusively for charitable and educational opportunities for farmers and other entrepreneurs in developing countries and emerging democratic states by promoting democratic principles and market liberalization, building international cooperative partnerships, and encouraging sound management of natural resources.
  13. Agricultural Mission
    • Winston G. Carrao, Interim Executive Director
      475 Riverside Drive, Room 624
      New York, NY 10115
      United States of America
    • Tel: (212) 870 2553
      Fax: (212) 870 3220
      Web site:
    • Membership: International
    • Agricultural Mission is a specialized agency and centre for service committed to giving guidance and assistance to Protestant and Catholic churches in their work among rural people overseas through improved food production, rural community development, home improvement and nutrition, and the strengthening of rural church life.
  14. AllianceSud
    • Bruno Gurtner, Senior Economist
      Monbijoustrasse 31
      P.0. Box 6735
      CH - 3001 Bern/Switzerland
    • Tel: +41 31 390 93 30
      Fax: +41 31 390 93 31
      Web site:
    • Membership: National
    • AllianceSud is an umbrella organization of six major Swiss NGOs concerned with development. Its purpose is to facilitate the pursuit of common aims and the exercise of common functions with greater effectiveness. It acts as an advocate within Switzerland promoting a more equitable, peaceful and environmentally sound world. AllianceSud is committed to an active role for Switzerland in international organizations concerned with sustainable development.
  15. Alternativas de Capacitacion y Desarrollo Comunitario
    • Laura Frade Rubio, Regional Coordinator
      Calle Chapultepec No. 257-B, Creel,
      Mexico. C.P. 33200
    • Tel: + (52) 145 60134
      Fax: + (52) 145 60078
    • Membership: international
    • The objective of ALCADECO is to promote sustainable and equitable development, based on a gender perspective, by generating organizational projects that satisfy the basic and strategic needs of the male and female inhabitants of Mexico's indigenous and non-indigenous communities.
  16. ARC-EN-CIEL (Organisation d'appui et d'animation au developpement)
    • Mr. Tally Osono, Co-ordinator
      BP: 13231 Yaounde
    • Tel: (237) 222 56 08
      Fax: (237) 220 96 67
    • Membership: National
    • Purpose: ARC-EN-CIEL promotes local development by focusing on the socio-economic development of urban and rural areas.
  17. Asociacion Lola Mora
    • Norma Sanchis, President
      Migueletes 1946 (1428)
      Buenos Aires
    • E-mail:
    • Membership: not applicable
    • The objective of the organization is to promote social and economic development of women, family and elderly persons in Latin America. Its activities include public awareness campaigns, seminars, research and collaboration with local, regional and national authorities, as well as research institutions and other non-governmental networks.
  18. Association Femmes Soleil d'Haiti (AFASDA)*
    • Ms. Elvire Eugene, Coordinator
      Rue 21 J-K # 145
    • Tel: 509-262-2558 or 509-557-4626
      Fax: 509-262-3535
    • Membership: National
    • The Association Femmes Soleil d'Haiti (AFASDA) is a non-governmental organization based in Haiti with the objective to promote a more equitable society through promoting the active participation of women in all spheres. Actual projects focus on literacy, health, environment, and general capacity building.
  19. Association pour le Deploiement Rural, la Protection de l'Environment et l'Artisanat (ONG-DERPREA)*
    • Mr. Emmanuel Noumsi, Director-General
      BP 533 Nkongsamba
    • Tel: 237-349-3912 or 237-731-1730
    • Membership: National
    • The Association pour le Deploiement Rural, la Protection de l'Environment et l'Artisanat (ONG-DERPREA) is a non-governmental organization based in Cameroon that campaigns to raise awareness of the local population on the importance of issues such as rural development and environmental protection. It reaches out to its population through various initiatives such as educational programmes in schools.
  20. Association de Lutte pour la Sante et le Developpement
    • Ms. Wotsa Nathalie Kotor, Coordinator
      B.P 30267 Lome Togo
    • Tel: +228 226 7570/80
      Fax: +228 226 7580
    • Membership: National
    • The main goal of Association de Lutte pour la Sante et le Developpement (ALSD) is to combat poverty by improving health and development of the poor. The organization also focuses on promoting access to education for HIV infected children. In addition, ALSD promotes building more inclusive financial sectors by supporting the use of microcredit and extending micro loans to the poor, especially women.
  21. Association de Secours et Aide des Victimes de l'est du Congo (ASAVIDE-ONGD)
    • Mr. Dadou Namwisi Mwata
      Avenue Kauka No. 44
      Q/Kauka, Commune de Kalamu
      Democratic Republic of the Congo - RDC
    • Tel: (00243) 9904609; 9926969
      Fax: (001 501 325 1945
      E-mail: /
    • Membership: National
    • Purpose: Provide support and relief to war's victims, particularly to vulnerable groups such as children and women.
  22. Association pour le developpement economique social environnement du nord
    • Abdoul Souleye Sow
      205, rue Calvet,
      B.P. 495 Saint-Louis
    • Tel: + (221) 961 35 22
      Fax: + (221) 961 31 14
    • Membership: national
    • Founded in 1996, the scope of ADESEN is to promote sustainable development in both rural and urban areas. Its activities focus on land erosion, environmental education, the promotion of sustainable energy use, assistance to grass-roots movements, gender-sensitive and poverty alleviation policies, and communication and information dissemination. ADESEN is a member of Social Watch.
  23. Bangladesh Support Group
    • Mr. Bikash Chowdhury Barua, President
      Dr. J. Presserstraat 30
      2552 LN, The Hague
      The Netherlands
    • Tel: +31(0)6 2908 5588
      Fax: +31(0)70-381 8204
    • Membership: National
    • Bangladesh Support Group (BSG) is a non-governmental organization based in the Netherlands focussing on poverty eradication in Bangladesh. Its work deals with development issues faced by the most vulnerable groups of society, women and children. Activities aim at integrating women into sustainable income-generating and development programmes and to provide basis and technical education to the poor children and women who do not have any access to the conventional education system.
  24. Berne Declaration
    • Christine Eberlein
      Quellenstr. 25
      8005 Zurich
    • Tel: + (41) 31-390 93 33/ +(41) 1-277 7000
      Fax: + (41) 1 277 001
      Web site:
    • Membership: national
    • The Berne Declaration is a Swiss non-governmental organization, with 16,000 members. Through research, public education and advocacy work, it has promoted more equitable, sustainable and democratic North-South relations since 1968. The Berne Declaration monitors the role of Swiss corporations, banks and government agencies. It addresses the problems of unequal international trade and financial relations, unsustainable consumption patterns and cultural prejudices. It calls on all Swiss actors - the private sector and the state, citizens and consumers - to assume their responsibility in resolving these problems. The Berne Declaration is completely independent, and derives most of its revenues from individual membership fees and donations.
  25. Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation
    • Mr. Trevor Neilson, Director of Special Projects
      P.O. Box 23350
      Seattle, Washington 98102
      United States of America
    • Tel: (206) 709-3112
      Web site:
    • Membership: Not applicable
    • The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation places a major focus on helping to improve people's lives through health and learning. The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation looks for strategic opportunities to extend the benefits of modern science and technology to people around the world, especially where poverty serves as an obstacle to participating in these benefits.
  26. Canadian Community Reinvestment Coalition (CCRC)
    • Mr. Duff Conacher, Coordinator of Democracy Watch, Chairperson of the CCRC
      P.O. Box 821, Stn. B
      Ottawa, Ontario
      Canada K1P 5P9
    • Tel: (613) 241-5179
      Fax: (613) 241-4758
      Web site:
    • Menbership: National
    • Purpose: The Canadian Community Reinvestment Coalition (CCRC) was initiated and organized by Democracy Watch and its partner organization, the Democracy Education Network, in the fall of 1996. The CCRC has brought together over 100 organizations from several sectors of society to work together on their concerns about financial institutions, with a focus on the issues of access to capital for sustainable community development and access to other basic financial services.
  27. Caritas del Peru
    • Mr. Mario Rios Espinoza, General Secretary
      Calle Omicron 492 - Callao
      Apartado 89,
      Lima, Peru
      Tel (51-54) 451-1552 or 451-1694
      Fax: (51-54) 464-2495
      Web site:
    • Membership: International
    • Purpose: The Organization is an organ of the Catholic Church with the purpose of generating, promoting and stimulating programs on behalf of the poorest populations to achieve their sustainable human development based on the Christian principles of justice, solidarity and respect for human dignity.
  28. Carter Center
    • Ms. Irene Langran
      One Copenhil
      Atlanta, GA 30307
      United States of America
    • Tel: (404) 614-3720
      Fax: (404) 420-5196
      Web site:
    • Membership: International
    • The Carter Center is guided by a fundamental commitment to human rights and the alleviation of human suffering; it seeks to prevent and resolve conflicts, enhance freedom and democracy, and improve health.
  29. Center for Environmental Economic Development
    • Ruthanne Cecil, Project Director
      P.O. Box 4167
      Arcata, California 95518
      United States of America
    • Membership: national and international
    • The organization's mission is to help organizations and individual citizens achieve environmentally sustainable and socially just communities through policy and technical research, information exchanges and educational outreach.
  30. Center For Global Development (CGD)
    • Nancy Birdsall, President
      1776 Massachusetts Avenue
      NW, Suite 301
      Washington, DC 20036
    • Tel: 202 416 0700
      Fax: 202 416 0750
      Web site:
    • Membership: International
    • The Center for Global Development (CGD) is a non-profit think tank that seeks to reduce global poverty and inequality through policy-oriented research and active engagement on development issues with the policy community and the public. It also partners with other institutions in efforts to improve public understanding in industrial countries of the economic, political, and strategic benefits of promoting improved living standards and governance in developing countries.
  31. Centre Africain d’Echange Culturel
    • Mr. Baudouin Schombe, Coordinator
      Boulevard du 30 Juin,
      Immeuble Royal,
      Entree A, 7e Niveau
      Commune de la Gombe, Democratic Republic of Congo
    • Tel: +243 (0) 998983491
    • Membership: National
    • Centre Africain d'Echange Culturel (CAFEC) is an non-governmental organization based in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Its main activity is to promote information and communication technologies in support of human rights. Other issues of concern for this organization include women’s education and empowerment, health care, environment and sustainable development.
  32. Centre de Formation, Etudes et Recherches pour le Developpment (CFERD)
    • Mr. Joseph B. Nkonga, Program Director
      B.P. 9484 Kinshasa 1
      Republic Democratique du Congo DRC
    • Tel: 243-12-23332
    • Membership: National
    • CFRED operates at the community level by targeting children and youth in its education programmes. Ti carries out awareness campaigns on natural resources use, health and human rights, training on micro-credit and sustainable farming techniques.
  33. Centre for International Sustainable Development Law Commission (CISDL)
    • Mr. Ashfaq Khalfan, Director
      3661 Peel Avenue
      Montreal, Quebec
    • Tel: (514) 398 6604
      Fax: (514) 398 4659
    • Membership: not applicable
    • CISDL promotes sustainable societies and the protection of ecosystems by advancing the understanding, development and implementation of international sustainable development law. CISDL is an autonomous research foundation, which serves as a resource for research, analysis, events, projects, internships, fellowships and legal consulting contracts.
  34. Centre for Youth and Social Development (CYSD)
    • Mr. Jagadananda, Member Secretary
      E-1 Institutional Area
      Orissa 751 013
    • Tel: +91 674 300983
      Fax: +674 310226
      Web site:
    • Membership: National
    • The purpose of the organization is to excel as an enabling institution for the development of the deprived so as to improve the quality of their life through participatory action, research initiatives, and through lobby and advocacy efforts at both local, national and International level so as to enhance the capacities of the intermediary and people's organizations, ensuring sustainability.
  35. Centro de Educacion para la Participacion (CEP)
    • Ms. Agustina Mitjavila, Executive Coordinator
      Centro de Educacion para la Participacion
      Lavalle 1528 - 4-G
      (C1048AAL) Buenos Aires
    • Tel: (54-11) 4372-2182
      Fax: (54-11) 4372-2018
      E-mail: /
    • Membership: National
    • CEP promotes development, human right and citizen participation. CEP members promote the elaboration of change alternatives in the areas of education, health, culture and human rights.
  36. Centro de Intercambio y Servicios para el Cono Sur (CISCSA)
    • Ms. Ana Maria Falu, Presidente
      9 de Julio 2482 - Barrio Alto Alberdi
      Cordoba, X 5003 CQR,
    • Tel/Fax: 54 351-489-1313
      Web site:
    • Membership: International
    • Con el objetivo de promover, coordinar y dar apoyo a las organizaciones sociales, aportar al desarrollo de politicas y acciones en los diversos campos de la problematica urbana, CISCSA participa directamente, o mediante otras instituciones en la asistencia a proyectos tanto junto a organizaciones sociales como a municipios. CISCSA trabaja en procesos de articulacion nacional, regional e internacional a los fines de fortalecer vinculos entre Instituciones comprometidas con temas, objetivos y preocupadas por la problematica urbana y el habitat.
  37. Children Barned Fellowship (CBF)
    • Mr. Gustave Niyonizigiye, Representant Legal
      Children Barned Fellowship
      B.P. 291 Bujumbura
    • Tel/Fax: (257) 232362
    • Membership: National
    • Purpose: CBF is a philanthropic organization focusing on the protection of children and youth and of their rights to a sustainable livelihood. CBF promotes the reintegration in society of disadvantaged children and youth and other vulnerable groups affected by the conflict.
  38. Children's International Summer Villages
    • Mr. Naon Katiohora, National President
      Boite Postale 497
      Agnibilekrou, Cote d’Ivoire
      West Africa
    • Tel: +225 07 16 5329
    • Membership: International
    • Children's International Summer Villages (CISV) is a charitable, independent, non-political, volunteer organization promoting peace education and cross-cultural friendship. CISV provides a range of unique education group activities, which develop cross-cultural understanding in children, youth and adults from around the world. By encouraging respect for cultural difference and the development of self-awareness, CISV empowers each participant to incorporate these values into their lives as they become global citizens and strive for a more peaceful world.
  39. Centro de Investigaciones de Economia International
    • Antonio Romero Gomez, Director
      Universidad de la Habana
      7 609 entre 6/10 Miramar Playa
    • Tel: + (537) 240 869
      Fax: + (537) 291 408
    • Membership: not applicable
    • CIEI was founded in 1970 as a scientific research institute within the University of Habana. CIEI focuses on research and teaching of economic international relations, by carrying out research and investigations in macroeconomics to provide both students and interested national and international organizations/institutes with up-to-date information and data on global macroeconomics, international trade, monetary and financial issues, and trends in international economic integration.
  40. Centro las Libres de Informacion en Salud Sexual Region Centro, Asociacion Civil
    • Ms. Veronica Cruz Sanchez, President
      Sto. Nino 94 Colonia Pocitos
      Guanajuato 36000
    • Tel: 14737325278
      Fax: 14626251027
    • Membership: National
    • To promote women's and young women's health and sexual and reproductive rights in the central part of the country, through the dissemination of information, training, research and the defence and promotion of these rights, in order to ensure that women have control over their own bodies and sexuality in full exercise of their rights as citizens in a context of greater gender equity.
  41. Collectif des Organisations Non-Gouvernamentales pour Essor des Communautes de Base en Afrique (COECA a.s.b.l.)
    • Mr. Jean- Jacques Luambua Milambo, Executive Director
      BoP 1509 Kin I
      Kinshasa, 00243
      Democratic Republic of the Congo DRC
    • Tel: (243) 9933 765; 81 29954
      Fax: (208) 694 0401
      E-mail: /
    • Membership: National
    • COECA est constitue de 31 Ong preoccupe d'appliquer des solutions adequates aux difficultes structurelles auxquelles sont confrontees les populations. COECA ?uvre comme Bureau d'etudes par la collecte de donnees, la conception et l'elaboration des projets et programmes au benefice des populations-cibles et ou sur demande de ses membres; Osbservatoir des catastrophes et station d'alerte en cas de declenchement; Cadre d'experimentation des solutions alternatives liees aux technologies appropriees de l'economie du milieu d'intervention; et Partenaire Social de tous les intervenants du Service de l'Aide pour la promotion et la defense des interets de ses membres.
  42. Community Development Library
    • Mr. Mohiuddin Ahmad, Chairman
      House 39, Road 14-A
      Dhanmondi, Dhaka, 1209
    • Tel: +880-2-8113769 or 8110495
      Fax: +880-2-8110254
      Web site:
    • Membership: National
    • Established with the mission of delivering development information to activists and organizations committed to the promotion of sustainable development, gender equity, social justice, human rights and community education. The main objective of the organization is to raise the critical consciousness of the society through catalysts. They include academics, planners, development activists, cultural, political and human rights activists, environmentalists, feminists, community leaders, etc.
  43. Congregation of the Mission
    • Richard Divine
      Vincentian Fathers
      De Pau Residence
      80-14 217 Street
      Queens Village, NY 11427
      United States of America
    • Tel: (718) 990 6424
      Fax: (718) 990 1907
    • Membership: Not a membership organization
    • The purpose of the Congregation of the Mission is to work for the spiritual and material benefit of the poor.
  44. Consejo de Desarrollo Socioeconomico Para Sudamerica (CODESESA-Peru)*
    • Mr. Casiano Ccari Mamani, President
      Jr. Lord Cochrane 160
    • Tel: 511-985-57941
    • Membership: National
    • The Consejo de Desarrollo Socioeconomico Para Sudamerica (CODESESA-Peru) is an entirely self-financed, non-governmental organization promoting the cause of indigenous peoples' small businesses and farms in the rural areas of Peru. The organization is reaching out to other South-American countries like Chile, Bolivia and Ecuador to establish a broader regional network.
  45. Consortium d' Appui aux Acton pour la Promotion et le Developpement de l'Afrique (CAPDA)
    • BP 15 151 Douala
    • Tel: (237) 75 39 63 / 42 06 07
      Fax: (237) 42 96 04
      E-mail: or
    • Membership: National
    • Le CAPDA est une structure d'appui a des groupements d'entrepreneurs ou a des individus situes entre l'Eglise et la societe. Il intervient en formation, conseil, consultation, diagnostic, Ingenierie des projets, Suivi - Evaluation, recherche de financement des micro-projets ou soutien des micro-realiations puis, dans un avenir tres proche le Credit Solidaire; la Sante Preventive et Reproductive, l'Insertion Sociale par la Musique et le Sport, l'Agro-Pastoral et l'Environnement.
  46. Consorzio Etimos
    • Bruno Neri, Director
      Riviera Mugnai 8,
      35137 Padova
    • Tel: +(39) 049 8755116
      Fax: +(39) 049 8755714
      E- mail:
      Web site:
    • Membership: international
    • For more than 10 years, the Consortium Etimos has been promoting ethical finance. Etimos was among the principal promoters of the first alternative bank in Italy, the Banca Etica. Today, Etimos participates in the international microcredit movement and in its programme to reach 100 million benefactors by the year 2005. Etimos finances popular and village banks, and supports financial services and technical assistance for small associated manufacturers and microenterprises in Latin America, Africa and Europe. Etimos works within a network of its own associates and the Banca Popolare Etica.
  47. Consumer Unity and Trust Society
    • Bipul Chatterjee
      D-217 Bhaskar Marg, Bani Park
      Jaipur 302 016
    • Tel: +(91-141) 207 482
      Fax: +(91-141) 207 486 or 203 998
      Web site:
    • Membership: international
    • The Consumer Unity and Trust Society aims at achieving consumer protection in the framework of social justice and equality, within and across borders. The organization operates from four centres in India and one in Africa, and focuses on four operational areas: consumer protection, which includes accountability, regulatory reforms etc; trade and development, which includes investment and competition policies; sustainable production and consumption, including consumer protection; and rural consumers and empowerment of women.
  48. Coordinadora Indigena Campesina de Agroforesteria Comunitaria
    • Alberto Chinchilla Cascante, Regional Facilitator
      Apartado postal 2089-1002
      Paseo de los Estudiantes
    • Tel: +(504) 225 2567
      Web site:
    • Membership: international
    • The organization is a community-based coordinating body working in the fields of capacity-building, sustainable forestry management, sustainable agriculture and natural resource management. The beneficiaries of its activities are indigenous communities and farmers in Central America.
  49. Coordination SUD
    • Nathalie Herlemont-Zoritchak, International Officer
      Passage Dubail
      Paris, 75010
    • Tel: +(33-1) 44 720378
      Fax: +(33-1) 44 729373
      Web site:
    • Membership: international
    • The aim of Coordination SUD is to provide service and representation, serving as a repository of and for international support associations. It offers non-governmental organizations a tool for networking and promoting methods to successfully accomplish their goal. These include: geographical platforms; thematic links, such as the Association conseil pour le developpement et l'environnement (debt conversion, support for cooperation between the World Bank and non-governmental organizations); and research and action groups, such as the URD Group (a link between emergency humanitarian aid and support for development). The organization also supports regional associations, helping them to work with regional organizations conducting decentralized public support activities, and facilitates an exchange of experience among the associations.
  50. Council for International Development
    • Rae Julian, Executive Director
      P O Box 24
      228 Manners Street Wellington
      6142 Aotearoa New Zealand
    • Tel: (64) 4 496 9615
      Fax: (64) 4 496 9614
      Web site:
    • Membership: international
    • CID is the umbrella group for aid and development agencies, based in Aotearoa. CID aims to develop local capacity through participation and community assessment to address issues that will alleviate poverty and raise the capacity of the community to sustain economic and social improvement that impact on women and children; to respect the rights, beliefs, values and individuality of community groups; and to empower them to become self-determining and self-developing.
  51. Country Women Association of Nigeria (COWAN)
    • Mrs. Bisi Ogunleye, Chief, National Coordinator
      No. 7 Awosika Crescent
      Ijapo Estate
      PMB 809, Akure
      Ondo State
    • Tel: +234-34-244489 or 241945
      Fax: +234-34-244489
    • Membership: National
    • The Association aims at building capacity of rural and urban poor women by empowering them economically, socially and politically providing productive and managerial skills.
  52. Danish Association for International Cooperation
    • Mr. Lars Anderskouv, Policy Advisor
      Borgergade 14
      DK-1300 Kobenhavn K
    • Tel: +45 7731 0082
      Fax: +45 7731 0111
      Web site:
    • Membership: National
    • The mandate of MS is to promote understanding and solidarity between people and, by cooperating across national and cultural boundaries, to contribute to sustainable global development and a just distribution of the earth's resources.
  53. Development Advocates and Lobbyists
    • Ms. Rana Riaz Saeed, Coordinator
      Flat 9, Block 6-A, Street 1
      Sector I-8/1, Islamabad 44000
    • Tel: 9251-4440928
    • Membership: International
    • To create, promote and support self-sustaining, participatory grass-roots organizations for urban and rural development in any part of the country, and in any sector for which community support is anticipated. In pursuit of this objective, Development Advocates and Lobbyist function as a private development agency for low-income groups.
  54. Development Network of Indigenous Voluntary Associations (DENIVA)
    • Mr. Obot David, Chairman
      Plot 4 - Makerrerd, Kampala
      Box 737
    • Tel: 256-41-347022
      Fax: 256-41-347545
    • Membership: National
    • A Network of Indigenous Voluntary Associations strengthening civil society organizations in the quest for transparency, equity and democratic governance through advocacy, networking and capacity-building for sustainable development in Uganda.
  55. El-Amel Association for Social Development
    • Mr. Selougha Mohamed-Salah
      P.O. Box 342,
      El Bihar, Alger
    • Tel: 21361 55 3642
      Fax: 21321 66 6166
    • Membership: National
    • The organization aims at promoting as well as realizing global development as it is defined in the national and the international agreements, among the various categories of the society in rural and urban regions and areas, especially in fields of: Education, teaching, training & illiteracy combating; Development of health care and food; Environment and sustainable development; Human rights; Poverty and development; Youth employment; Rural development; etc.
  56. Environment 2000 Foundation
    • Howard Voss, Chief Executive Officer
      P.O. Box A639 Avondale
    • Tel: +(263-4) 302276
      Fax: +(263-4) 339691
    • Membership: national
    • The aim of the organization is to raise the level of environmental awareness among the general public, including the business sector, schools, community groups, the media and government; to ensure that decision-makers actively consider the environment; to empower all sectors of society to take ownership of environmental issues; to improve the quality of the environment and the livelihoods of stakeholders through participatory implementation and facilitation of projects and programmes.
  57. Espacio Autonomo
    • Ms. Frine Romana Pilar Lopez Martinez
      Allende 7 - Casa 2
      Pueblo Sta Ursula Coapa
      Delegacion Coyoacan
      Mexico, D.F. 04650
    • Tel: (52 55) 56 17 61 17 or 54 21 55 53
      Fax: (52 55) 56 17 61 17
    • Membership: National
    • To contribute to the personal, social and cultural transformation of its members and of groups, organizations, institutions and persons associated with it through various research, action/intervention, training, communication and/or dissemination projects, plans and/or programmes.
  58. ESPOIR
    • Mrs. Fatma Bent Sidi Mohamed
      Executive Secretary
      BP: 6633, Nauakchott
    • Tel: 222 525 04 40
      Fax: 222 525 11 83
    • Membership: National
    • EXPOIR carries out development programmes and activities including micro finance for women, poverty eradication, and health education, human rights and environmental protection.
  59. European Network on Debt and Development (EURODAD)
    • Mr. Kath Noble, Administrator
      Rue Dejoncker 46
      1060 Brussels
    • Tel: +32 2 543 90 60
      Fax: +32 2 544 05 59
      Web site:
    • Membership: International
    • The goals and objectives of EURODAD are exclusively charitable, educational and development-oriented and include, but are not limited to, promoting the development of a comprehensive development finance strategy by representing the opinions of civil society on the issues of debt, structural adjustment and financial markets; gathering and analysing data to help civic society formulate these opinions; and, communicating these opinions to interested parties through policy positions, advocacy work, information exchange and other means of expression.
  60. European Partners for the Environment (EPE)
    • Mr. Francisco Flores
      Av. De la Toison d'Or. 67
      B-1060 Brussels, Belgium
    • Tel: 32 (2) 771 15 34
      Fax: 32 (2) 539 48 15
      Web site:
    • Membership: International
    • EPE is a multi-stakeholder forum, which builds the ground for consensus on sustainability, on which members can more confidently plan actions. EPE serves as a catalyst, in Europe and around the world, to achieve into the future a better balance between the environmental, social and economic elements of life. Dialogue built through long-term relationships between partners and strengthened by trust leads to common practical action.
  61. European Solidarity Towards Equal Participation of People (EUROSTEP)
    • Mr. Simon Stocker
      115 Rue Stevin
      1000 Brussels
    • Tel: +32 2 231 16 59
      Fax: +32 2 230 37 80
      Web site:
    • Membership: International
    • The two principal aims of EUROSTEP are: to influence official development cooperation policies of multilateral institution, and in particular those of the European Union and to improve the quality and effectiveness of initiatives taken by NGOs in support of people centred development.
  62. Evangelischer Entwicklungsdienst (EED)
    • Mr. Peter Lanzet, Senior Policy Advisor
      Ulrich-von-Hassell Str. 76
      Bonn, NRW 53123
    • Tel: 49 (0) 228 81 01 2313
      Fax: 49 (0) 228 81 01 150
      E-mail: or
      Web site:
    • Membership: International
    • EED is a development organization representing German Protestant Churches, and cooperates in over 60 developing countries. Within the framework of a global partnership network, EED plays its role in creating a fairer society.
    • Dr. Saidi Asenge
      Jean Marie Vianney
      B/O 4450 Kigali
    • Mobile tel: (250) 0840 5302
      Fax: (250) 517 372
      E-mail: or
    • Membership: International
    • La Fondation Africaine pour la Renouveau Moral, l'apprentissage professionnel et universitaire internationale , en sigle FARMAPU - INTER et CECOTRAP- RCOGL a la mission de servir de plate forme ou de forum a plusieurs ONG ou associations qui ont les memes objectifs que les siens au niveau de l'Afrique toute entiere. Elle s'occupe foncierement de la formation , du commerce electronique et du pole commercial pour les pays des grands lacs.
  64. Female Lawyers Association of Benin
    • Mrs. Huguette Bokpe Gnacadja
      Asst. to the General Secretary
      B.P. 2753
    • Tel: 229 33 05 85 or 229 33 77 01
      Fax: 229 33 12 29
      E-mail: or
    • Membership: National
    • To promote and defend human rights and especially women and children rights; to circulate the knowledge of those rights among its members, in their professional and social environment; to encourage and help the people to obtain satisfaction concerning all their demands and actions with the institutions, state or private offices; to work for the accessibility of all careers and functions to women, without any discrimination, and to ensure them equal chances with men; and, to contribute to the development of law.
  65. Filomena Tomaira Pacsi
    • Ms. Patricia Maria Amat y Leon Rodriguez
      Almirante Guisse 1137
      Jesus Maria
      Lima 11
    • Tel: (51 1) 266-0164
      Fax: (51 1) 472-0625
    • Membership: National
    • El objetivo de la organizacion es promover la participacion de las mujeres del sector minero en la vida social y cultural del pais, fomentando su proceso de auto educacion, valorizando su condicion de mujeres y propugnando los mejores en sus condiciones de vida para el logro de sus objetivos.
  66. Finnish United Nations Association
    • Mr. Rauno Merisaari
      Add. Unioninkatu 45,B
      FIN - 00170 Helsinki
    • Tel: +3358-9-1351521
      Fax: +3588-9-1352173
      Web site:
    • Membership: National
    • The purpose of the organization is information sharing, education and empowering of non-government organizations relating to the United Nations through its publication (Maailmanpyora - magazine), Global Citizenship Study Programmes, Human Rights Ambassador Training and other related projects.
  67. Focus on the Global South
    • Nicola Bullard
      c/o CUSRI, Chulalongkorn University
      Phayathai Rd.
      Bangkok 10330
    • Membership: national
    • The aim of the organization is to strengthen the capacity of organizations of poor and marginalized people in the South and those working on their behalf to better analyse and understand the impact of the globalization process on their daily life and struggles. It also aims to help strengthen the capacity of such groups to have a greater local, national, regional and global impact through a more systematic and strategic use of innovative community practice.
  68. Forgotten Children
    • Francoise Remington, Founder and Executive Director
      1031 North Edgewood Street
      Arlington, Virginia 22201
      United States of America
    • Membership: national
    • The purpose of the organization is to improve the conditions of children living in difficult circumstances in the world through advocacy, research, training, publication and the creation of educational materials and projects, especially in the area of education.
  69. Foundation for Democracy, Governance and Endowment
    • John Phiri, Executive Director
      P.O. Box 1397
    • Tel: +(265) 604582
      Fax: +(265) 652178
    • Membership: national
    • The Foundation for Democracy, Governance and Endowment was established, among other things, to strengthen the young and growing democracy and democratic institutions in Malawi. It also aims to promote democratic culture and good governance. Its objectives include: advocating a conducive and enabling policy environment for smooth, effective and efficient operations of civil society and grass-roots organizations; and ensuring that electoral processes are conducted in a free and fair, as well as transparent and accountable, manner.
  70. Foundation for Development Cooperation
    • Brian Scott, Chairman
      P.O. Box 10445
      Adelaide Street, Brisbane
      Queensland 4000
    • Tel: +61-7-3236-4633
      Fax: +61-7-3236-4696
    • Membership: national and international
    • The Foundation for Development Cooperation is an independent, not-for-profit and non-partisan organization that aims to strengthen international cooperation and development throughout Asia and the Pacific. The focus of the Foundation is on development cooperation in a broad context, which includes international economic relationships and policies, emerging cooperative approaches to international development issues and community approaches to achieving progress in development at the local level.
  71. Freeplay Foundation
    • Kristine Pearson, Executive Director
      P.O. Box 18936
      Wynberg 7824
      South Africa
    • Tel: 27 (0) 21 794 4889
      Fax: 27 (0) 21 794 0110
      E-mail :
      Web site:
    • Membership: Not a membership organization
    • A not-for-profit organization, based in the United Kingdom, the Freeplay Foundation works primarily in Africa, with offices in London and Cape Town. The Foundation's goals are to promote awareness of appropriate and alternative sources of energy within Governments, international agencies, non-governmental organizations and aid organizations; to increase understanding of the value of alternative energy sources in reducing poverty, disease and famine; to raise awareness of the role of broadcasting and communication in developing countries, disaster areas and regions of conflict; to research opportunities where appropriate and alternative sources of energy can be applied to improve the lives of people in developing communities; to seek sponsorship to initiate and support projects and programmes.
  72. Friends of Children Society (AMAL)
    • Eng. Ahmed Abdalla Ahmed
      P.O. Box 10054
    • Tel: (249-11) 467644 or 473430
    • Membership: National
    • AMAL was established to promote child welfare through direct and indirect interventions and encourage social welfare institutions to follow suit. Various programmes are aimed to assist children under difficult circumstances by providing basic childcare services, preventive measures, awareness campaigns, skills promotions, and capacity-building.
  73. Fundacion Canovas del Castillo
    • Mr. Francisco Sanabria, Secretary-General
      Marquez de la Ensenada
      14 - 28004 Madrid
    • Tel: 91 319 59 04/08
      Fax: 91 319 82 58
    • Membership: National
    • The purpose of the Fundacion Canovas del Castillo is to promote, develop, safeguard and foster studies and research of all kinds on social, civic and cultural topics, and to promote or carry out development cooperation activities and carry out all other activities to that end.
  74. Fundacion Dialogo Mujer
    • Ms. Sara Gomez Acevedo, Director
      Carrera 32 No. 16-45
    • Tel: 57-1 2472273
      Fax: 57-1 3712960
    • Membership: National
    • To help improve women's and young women's quality of life with a view to building a more equitable, democratic and peaceful society through their leadership and empowerment, and their organization and effective participation in those areas of public policy-making, planning and project design which directly affect their lives, and, in particular, to guarantee these rights to poorer women and young women and integrate them into our "Dialogo Mujer" Team.
  75. Fundacion Intervida
    • Jean Pierre v. d. Bossche Lucas, Manager
      International Partnerships
      Fundacion Intervida
      Pujades, 77-79
      4° 08005 Barcelona
    • Tel: (34) 933001101
      Fax: (34) 933096868
    • Membership: national
    • The Foundation is a Spanish NGO with a non-profit status. The Foundation's objectives are to carry out research and assist developing countries in improving local populations' livelihoods, in particular children; to assist marginalized, helpless and homeless populations; and to protect, stimulate and promote shelter and finance, both with its own funds and with the funds of third parties.
  76. Green Earth Organisation (GEO)
    • Joshua Awuku-Apaw
      P.O. Box 16641
    • Tel: (233) 21 232 762
      Fax: (233) 21 230 455
    • Membership: National
    • Green Earth Organisation focuses on environment conservation and protection and on sustainable rural development.
  77. Heinrich Boll Foundation
    • Nika Greger, Programme Director
      Chelsea Gardens
      1638 R Street, NW, Suite 120
      Washington, D.C. 20009
      United States of America
    • Membership: national
    • The main purpose of the Foundation is political education work in Germany and abroad with a view to promoting formation of the will for democracy, involvement in socio-political issues and international understanding. In addition, the foundation promotes arts and culture, science and research, and development cooperation.
  78. Hydra Project International
    • Asanji Lema Siri, Information Officer
      North West Province
    • Tel: +(237) 36 17 84
      Fax: +(237) 36 24 64
    • Membership: national
    • The objective of the organization is to promote trade by: assisting local producers, small and medium-sized enterprises in managing, developing and marketing their products; disseminating information on new research issues related to trade and employment; linking local producers to alternative trade organizations; and raising the standards of living among farmers, small business persons and the community at large.
  79. Ing Makababaying Aksyon (IMA) Foundation
    • Ms. Maria Jesus T. Pineda, Founder and Executive Director
      Ing Makababaying Aksyon (IMA) Foundation, Inc.
      WDRC, Diamond Park, Diamond Subdivision
      Balibago, Angeles City 2009
    • Tel: +63-45 322-3983
      Fax: +63-45 322-3820
      Web site:
    • Membership: National
    • IMA is a feminist service, providing various services and programmes for the empowerment of marginalized women in the grass roots and to survivors of gender-based violence.
  80. Institute for Democracy in Southern Africa (IDASA)*
    • Dr. Shun Govender
      Head: Budget Information Service
      6 Spin Street
      Cape Town 8001
      South Africa
    • Tel: 27-21-467-5627
      Web site:
    • The Institute for Democracy in Southern Africa (IDASA) is an independent public interest organisation committed to promoting sustainable democracy in South Africa and elsewhere by building democratic institutions, educating citizens, and advocating social justice. Its strategic objective is to build the capacity for democracy in civil society and government. An important aspect of the work of IDASA is the assessment of the state of public finance in relation to government social spending (health, welfare, education, HIV/AIDS), the integrity of financial management systems and pro-poor budgeting.
  81. Institute for International Economics
    • C. Fred Bergsten, President
      1750 Massachusetts Avenue, NW
      Washington, DC 20036-1903
    • Tel: 202-328-9000
      Fax: 202-659-3225
    • The Institute for International Economics is a private, nonprofit, nonpartisan research institution devoted to the study of international economic policy. The Institute attempts to anticipate emerging issues and to be ready with practical ideas to inform and shape public debate. Its audience includes government officials and legislators, business and labor leaders, management and staff at international organizations, university-based scholars and their students, other research institutions and nongovernmental organizations, the media, and the public at large. It addresses these groups both in the United States and around the world.
  82. Instituto de Estudos Socioeconomicos (INESC)
    • Rodrigo Bonfim, International Political Assistant
      SCS - Qd. 08, Bloco B-50, Salas 433/441, Edificio Venancio 2000
      70 333 970 Brasilisa/DF
    • Tel: (55) 061 226 8093
      Fax: (55) 061 226 8042
      Web site:
    • Membership: Not a membership organization
    • INESC was funded in 1979 as a civil society organization with public objectives. It is positioned at an intersection between the Congress and organized civil society. Its aims are to enhance the role of the National Congress and to facilitate popular movements and civil society participation in the decision-making processes; build and strengthen awareness of the importance of the Congress; and carry out analytical work to enable monitoring and control mechanisms of public policies.
  83. Instituto Laboral para el Desarrollo Regional (ILDER)
    • Mr. Jesus Gomez Urquizo, Director Ejecutivo
      Miguel de Cervantes 103 ovalo
      Urb. La Victoria
    • Tel/Fax: (51 54) 206 777
    • Membership: National
    • Promote the advancement and defence of women's rights; to foster the exercise of democracy and solidarity amongst Peruvians; create the conditions necessary to realize the sustainable development of gender equality.
  84. Instituto Latinoamericano de Educacion para el Desarrollo (ILAEDES)
    • Mr. Luis Yrzabal, President
      P O Box 9020319
      Viejo San Juan
      Puerto Rico 00902-0319
    • Tel: (787) 760 3682
      Fax: (787) 292 4113
    • Membership: International
    • El Instituto contempla una red de expertos en las areas de educacion superior y desarrollo humano sostenible, y conduce su actividades de formacion, investigacion y servicio, principalmente orientadas a satisfacer la demanda de las instituciones de educacion superior de America Latina y del Caribe.
  85. Inter American Economic Council
    • Mr. Barry S. Featherman, President
      Suite 700, Ronald Reagan Building
      International Trade Center
      1300 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
      Washington DC 20004
    • Tel: (202) 204-3053
      Fax: (202) 318-4300
      Web site:
    • Membership: International
    • The Inter-American Economic Council's main purpose is to develop coordinated strategies to promote economic development and stability within the countries of the Americas, by bridging the existing gap between public and private sectors for the collateral advancement of regional economic development.
  86. Inter-American Dialogue
    • Mr. Daniel P. Erikson, Deputy Director
      1211 Connecticut Avenue
      NW Suite 510
      Washington, D.C. 20036
      United States of America
    • Tel: (202) 463-2578
      Fax: (202) 822-9553
    • Membership: International
    • Inter-American Dialogue is organized for the charitable and educational purposes of enhancing communications and improving the quality of policy debates and decisions in Western Hemisphere relations. The Dialogue engages public and private leaders from across the Americas in the effort to develop and mobilize support for cooperative responses to key problems and opportunities.
  87. Interhemispheric Resource Center
    • Tom Barry, Co-Director
      Foreign Policy In Focus Project
      P.O. Box 2178
      Silver City, NM 88062
      United States of America
    • Tel: (505) 388-0208
      Fax: (505) 388-0619
    • Membership: international
    • The goal of the Interhemispheric Resource Center is to educate the public on topics that will help to develop interhemispheric understanding and global action.
  88. International Centre for Enterprise and Sustainable Development
    • Emmanuel Kwesi Boon, Chairman
      32 Adjiringanor Street, East-Legon
      P.O. Box 16461
    • Tel: +233 21 302480
      Fax: +233 21 767593
    • Membership: national and international
    • The organization was established for the purpose of developing and promoting small and medium-scale enterprises, international trade, gender empowerment and sustainable environmental management in Ghana and sub-Saharan Africa.
  89. International Development Conference
    • Carl Asakawa, Executive Director
      666 11th Street NW, Suite 450
      Washington, D.C. 20001
      United States of America
    • Tel: +(1-202) 783-5980
      Fax: +(1-202) 628-0442
      Web site:
    • Membership: international
    • The aim of the organization is to define and demonstrate the value of viewing development issues through the lens of generations and to diffuse this approach throughout the international development community. The organization believes that, by working together across generational boundaries, it can create an enhanced model for sustainable development.
  90. International Foundation for Election Systems
    • Azish Filabi, Program Assistant
      Development and New Initiatives
      1101 15th St. N.W., Third Floor
      Washington, D.C. 20005
      United States
    • Tel: (202) 828-8507
      Fax: (202) 452-0804
    • Membership: international
    • The general purposes for which IFES is organized are exclusively charitable and educational. The aim of IFES is to gather and disseminate information about the electoral process through the creation and maintenance of a database on the administration of elections; through field assessments; through the organization, promotion and supervision of conferences of election law administrators and experts from various countries; and by the dissemination of publications and materials concerning electoral processes.
  91. International Union for Land Value Taxation and Free Trade
    • Alanna Hartzok, UN NGO Representative
      P.O. Box 328
      Scotland, Pennsylvania 17254
      United States of America
    • Membership: international
    • The purposes of the organization are to stimulate in all countries a public opinion favourable to permanent peace and prosperity for all peoples, through the progressive removal of the basic economic causes of poverty and war.
  92. Japan Network on Debt and Poverty
    • Yoko Kitazawa, Co-Chair
      c/o Pacific Asia Resource Center
      Hinoki bldg.3rd fl.2-1Kanda Ogawamachi Chiyoda-ku
      Tokyo 101-0052
    • Tel: + (81) 3-3291-5901
      Fax: +(81) 3-3292-2437
      Web site:
    • Membership: national
    • Japan Network on Debt and Poverty, formerly Jubilee 2000 Japan, was renamed on 1 January 2001. Its activities focus on debt cancellation: cancellation of the bilateral and multilateral debt of the poorest countries; cancellation of the odious debt of all developing countries; achieving a fair and transparent arbitration process in such debt cancellation; and reforming international financial institutions into democratic, transparent and accountable ones.
  93. Kennedy School of Government
    • Ms. Nicole McGowan
      Program Administrator
      Executive Education
      Harvard University
      79 JFK Street
      Cambridge MA 02138
      United States of America
    • Tel: 617 495 4580
      Web site:
    • Membership: Not applicable
    • Kennedy School of Government for Governance and Public Policy is part of Harvard University. It offers programs for Public Sector officials from all over the world and have several programs that focus on Development: Macroeconomics, Global Financial System, Budgeting and Financial Management in the Public Sector, Management of Foreign Aid, Financial Institutions for Private Enterprise Development, Infrastructure in a market Economy, Leadership in Development and Trade programs.
  94. KULU - Women and Development
    • Anne Bork, Board member
      Borgergade 14, 2
      DK 1300 Copenhagen K
    • Tel: + (45) 3315 7870
      Fax: + (45) 3332 5330
      Web site:
    • Membership: national and regional
    • KULU - Women and Development's overall purpose is to support women and women's organizations and networks in the South in their struggles for equality, peace and development. Its work is based on United Nations action programmes for women. The organization's long-term goal is to work for the formation of a just and sustainable world order in which women have access to and control over resources; the right and access to influence their own situation and participate in political and economic institutions; and the right to control over their own bodies, health and lives.
  95. La Congregacion des freres de St. Gabriel
    • Paul Boursier
      College Saint Gabriel, Avenue Philibert Tsiranana
      BP 611
      401 Majunga
    • Membership: Not a membership organization
    • La Congregacion des freres de St. Gabriel is a recognized non-governmental organization active in the fields of education and social and economic development in Madagascar.
  96. La Liga Policy Institute
    • Antoinette R. Raquiza, International Liaison Coordinator
      2103 Medical Plaza Ortigas
      San Miguel Ave.
      Pasig City
      1550 Metro Manila
    • Tel: (63-2) 687-4775 or 687-4427
      Fax: (63-2) 687-4838
    • Membership: national
    • The La Liga Policy Institute, a non-profit organization carrying out research, policy studies and training, is dedicated to evolving and institutionalizing a platform of politico-economic governance that combines fiscal prudence and a progressive social policy. It was founded in 2000 by a group of social activists who have had experience in government, civil society and the private sector. The Institute is committed to significantly contributing to a movement for renewal and reform in governance, economy, living environments and global relationships.
  97. Latin American Council of Churches
    • Rev. Israel Batista G., Secretary General
      Latin American Council of Churches
      Inglaterra N32-113 and Mariana de Jesus
    • Tel: (5932) 2553-996, 2529-933, 2568-373
    • Membership: International
    • CLIA is an organization of more than a hundred and fifty churches and Christian movements across all Latin America and the Caribbean, created to promote the unity between Christians of the continent. CLAI works to deepen the unity of the human being, within and beyond Christianism, recognizing the wealth of the diversity of traditions, confessions and expressions of faith, reflection, teaching, proclamation and service. CLAI stimulates the reflection and action in themes like evangelization, education and formation, faith and economy, human rights, health, women and youth issues, indigenous people, among others. The task of CLAI is to collaborate in the discovering of their Latin American and Caribbean identity and commitment as Christians within the continental reality, and to search of an order of justice, peace and fraternity.
  98. Literary Academy for Dalit of Nepal
    • Mr. Kesh Bahadur Pariyar, President
      Thamel P.O. Box 12134
    • Tel: 977-01-423367
      Fax: 977-01-426157
    • Membership: National
    • The organization aims at raising awareness among the Dalits of Nepal to eliminate the castes system. The organization supports the discriminated and oppressed castes of Nepal, by publishing literature, research articles, and audio-visual materials. The organization also supports all the Dalits in their movement against racism.
  99. Local Association for Cooperation and Social Development (LACSD)*
    • Mr. Hamid Ech-Chantoufi
      Douar Bouhouda
      Commune Bouhouda
      Province of Taounate
    • Tel: 212-6447-1978 or 212-6613-5392
    • Membership: National
    • The Local Association for Cooperation and Social Development is a national non-governmental organization based in Morocco that focuses on social, economic, agricultural, and cultural development issues. Among its goals are those of creating a culture of cooperation, fighting illiteracy, encouraging small businesses, safeguarding the environment and improving living standard in general.
  100. Mauritanian Association for Development and Environment Protection - MADEP
    • Mr. Mohamdi Ould El Hadj Brahim, President
      P.O. Box 897
    • Tel: +222-29-O l-99125-60-72
      Fax: +222-25-56-86
    • Membership: National
    • Contributing to sustainable development in Mauritania through poverty eradication and the improvement of living conditions especially for the most vulnerable and underserved peoples; training and assisting vulnerable groups such as women, young children in critical situation, older persons and disabled.
  101. Medicus Mundi
    • Alfonso Sancho, President
      Calle Elisa 14 BAIXOS
      Barcelona, 08023
    • Tel: +(34-93) 418 47 62
      Fax: +(34-93) 418 48 66
      Web site:
    • Membership: international
    • Founded in 1963, Medicus Mundi operates in the area of development cooperation, particularly in developing countries, with a special focus on health as a basic human right. Through its network of members and volunteers, Medicus Mundi aims at reducing poverty by carrying out integrated and participatory processes, working in close cooperation with local authorities. Medicus Mundi has consultative status with the World Health Organization.
  102. Montreal International Forum (FIM)
    • Mr. Nigel Martin, President
      407, rue McGill, Bureau 800
      Montreal (Quebec)
      Canada H2Y 2G3
    • Tel: 514-499-9468
      Fax: 514-499-9468
      Web site:
    • Membership: International
    • The Montreal International Forum (FIM) is an international non-governmental think tank with the goal of improving the influence of international civil society on the United Nations and the multilateral system. FIM aims at strengthening the interaction between civil society and multilateral institutions to better address global problems like extreme poverty, wars, human rights violations and environment degradation.
  103. Mujeres para el Dialogo A. C.
    • Maria del Carmen Montes Castillo, Presidente
      Cerro Gordo No. 253
      Distrito Federal 04200
    • Tel/Fax: (55) 55 44 69 02
    • Membership: International
    • Promover el desarrollo de la cultura de genero en las mujeres y en la sociedad en procesos de informacion, difusion, investigacion, capacitacion y educacion; y contribuir a la capacitacion de las mujeres sobre la dimension economica, la elaboracion de proyectos de desarrollo economico locales.
  104. National Association for Human Rights and Development (NAHRD)
    • Mr. Amir Salem
      7 Al Higaz St., Roxi
      Heliopolis, Cairo
    • Tel: 202 4520977
      Fax: 202 2596622
    • Membership: National
    • NAHRD works in the filed of human rights education and aiming at spreading human rights concepts and principles and increasing awareness among different classes and sectors of Egyptian society.
  105. National Service Conference of the American Ethical Union
    • Ms. Martha Gallahue,
      NGO Representative to the UN
      2 West 64th Street
      New York, NY 10023
      United States of America
    • Tel: (212) 873-6500
    • Membership: National
    • The organization aims at promoting the knowledge and love in all the relations of life. National Service Conference of the American Ethical Union promotes the religious and educational fellowship of its members in an effort to advance the moral growth of humanity through study, social action and spiritual consecration.
  106. Nautilus Institute
    • Christine Ahn
      125 University Avenue
      Berkeley, CA 94710-1616
      United States of America
    • Tel: +(1-510) 295-6165
      Fax: +(1-510) 295-6130
      Web site:
    • Membership: international
    • The purpose of The Nautilus Institute is to integrate environmental protection and human rights into the governance of international trade and investment. The Nautilus Institute conducts research, convenes multi-sectoral workshops, organizes training, builds networks, and utilizes the Internet to widely disseminate information. The organization aims at identifying and promoting innovative policies and business practices to enhance social and environmental ethics in global markets.
  107. Network Institute for Global Democratization
    • Riku Warjovaara, Chair
      Nottingham Trent University, Faculty of Humanities,
      Clifton Lane, Nottingham NG11 8NS
      United Kingdom
    • Tel: + (44) 115 948 6610
      Fax: + (44) 115 948 6385
    • Membership: not applicable
    • NIGD aims to promote worldwide democratization at all levels. Its predecessor, the Finnish follow-up process (1995-1997) to the United Nations Secretary-General's reports, issued annually since 1995, organized seminars and issued publications supporting regional democratization, mainly in Eastern Europe and the Russian Federation. In 1998, NIGD extended its agenda to incorporate both research and more practically oriented projects concerning the transnational impacts of democratization in areas also outside Europe. NIGD focuses on the impacts of globalization on democratization and, normatively, on democratizing globalization.
  108. Network Institute for Global Democratization
    • Katarina Sehm Patomaki, Executive Secretary
      Nottingham Trent University, Faculty of Humanities,
      Clifton Lane
      Nottingham NG11 8NS
      United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
    • Tel: + (44) 802 598 332
      Fax: + (44-115) 948 6385
      Web site:
    • Membership: international
    • The aim of the Network is to promote worldwide democratization at all levels. Its predecessor, the Finnish follow-up process (1995-1997) to the reports of the Secretary-General of the United Nations - issued annually since 1995, organized seminars and issued publications supporting regional democratization, mainly in Eastern Europe and the Russian Federation. In 1998, the Network extended its agenda to incorporate both research and more practically oriented projects concerning the transnational impacts of democratization in areas outside Europe. The Network focuses on the impact of globalization on democratization and, normatively, on democratizing globalization.
  109. New Economics Foundation (NEF)
    • Andrew Simms, Head Global Economy Programme
      6-8 Cole Street
      London SE1 4YH
    • Tel: (44) 207 407 7447, ext. 252
      Fax: (44) 207 407 6473
      Web site:
    • Membership: Not a membership organization
    • New Economic Foundation works to construct a new economy centred on people and the environment. Founded in 1986, it is an independent think tank, combining research, advocacy, training and practical action. NEF is a registered charity, funded by individual supporters, charitable trusts, public finance, such as the United Kingdom National Lottery, businesses and international grant-giving bodies.
  110. New Light Voluntary Organization
    • Kishor Chandra Sekhar Panda, Secretary General
      Bolgarh, Dist - Khurda
      Orissa 752066, India
    • Tel: 91 11 6104511
      Fax: 91 11 6165326
    • Membership: National
    • The main purpose is the development of weaker sections in society, by carrying out literacy campaigns, vocational training, community development work, health and family welfare campaigns, rural housing programmes.
  111. New Rules for Global Finance
    • Ms. Jo Marie Griesgraber, Executive Director
      220 Wilson Voulevard
      Suite 650,
      Arlington, VA 22201
    • Tel: 202 277 9390
      Fax: 703 841 0050
    • Membership: International
    • New Rules for Global Finance is a networking organization of researchers and policymakers committed to reducing global poverty and inequality. The organization advocates politically feasible and technically sound approaches to the reform of international financial institutions. Its goal is to promote stable global financial systems, in order to reduce poverty and inequality and to achieve a more socially just, equitable and environmentally sustainable world.
  112. Norwegian Forum for Environment and Development (ForUM)
    • Mr. Rolf Wermundsen
      The Norwegian Forum for Environment and Development
      Storgata 11
      N-0155 Oslo
    • Tel: 47 23 01 03 00
      Fax: 47 23 01 03 03
      Web site:
    • Membership: National
    • ForUM is a network for Norwegian NGOs actively promoting environment and development issues. It is a national focal point on international negotiations to Agenda 21 follow-up. ForUM brokers contact between Norwegian organizations, the authorities, media, institutions and other stakeholder groups working on environment and development questions, nationally and internationally.
  113. Nordelbisches Missionszentrum (NMZ)
    • Mr. Michael Hanfstangl
      Africa Secretary of NMZ
      16, Agathe-Lasch-Weg
      D-22605 Hamburg
    • Tel: 49 (0) 40/881 81 0
      Fax: 49 (0) 40/ 99191 210
      Web site:
    • Membership: International
    • Cooperation in mission and development, church world service, inter-religious dialogue, awareness building and ecumenical cooperation. NMZ and its partners are also involved in development cooperation and advocacy work such as the debt cancellation campaign Jubilee 2000, and in monitoring intergovernmental processes.
  114. North-South Institute
    • John Foster, Principal Researcher
      55 Murray Street
      Ottawa, Ontario K1N 5M3
    • Tel:+(1-613) 241 3535, ext. 251
      Fax:+(1-613) 241 7435
      Web site:
    • Membership: national
    • The North-South Institute is Canada's only non-partisan, non-governmental research institute focused on international development. The purpose of the organization is to carry out research and analysis of Canadian foreign policy and pressing world development problems, and to bring those issues before Canadian public opinion. The Institute has three main goals: to reduce poverty in developing countries, increase fairness around the world, and improve governance.
  115. Ocaproce Internationale - Organisation Camerounaise de Promotion de la Cooperation Economique Internationale*
    • Princess Micheline Makou Djouma, President
      BP 7629 Yaounde
    • Tel: 237-959-4907 (Geneva: 41-78-893-1154)
      Fax: 237-222-8560
    • Membership: International
    • The Ocaproce Internationale is a network of non-governmental organizations that aims to support the rights of indigenous people in the process of globalization. It supports initiatives and conducts research in the area of sustainable development, industrial development, commerce, human right, and rights of children and women in particular.
  116. One World Trust
    • Simon Burall, Executive Director
      18 Northumberland Avenue
      London, WC2N 5BJ
      United Kingdom
    • Membership: national
    • The purpose of the organization is to investigate and promote ways in which to encourage a greater sense of world community by promoting research and inquiry into the methods, facts and principles of planning and organizing on a world level to achieve peace and alleviate global poverty; promoting education about global issues; and promoting the dissemination of knowledge and information to further its other aims.
  117. Organization of Pakistani Women in Development
    • Suite M016, SB-1/LA-3
      Block-21, Gulshan-e-Iqbal
    • Membership: national
    • The organization aims to provide poor women with poverty reduction, education, training and capacity-building programmes and to assist them in attaining employment.
  118. Parliament Network on the World Bank (PNoWB)
    • Mr. Bert Koenders
      MP, Chair of Steering Committee
      66, avenue d'Iena
      75116 Paris
    • Tel: (33 1) 4069 3017
      Fax: (33 1) 4723 7436
      Web site:
    • Membership: International
    • The PNoWB is an independent network of knowledgeable Members of Parliament that aims to contribute its insights to the policy debate on international development. The purpose of PNoWB is to increase parliamentary involvement and effectiveness in the field of international development.
  119. Pax Perpetua Community
    • Dr. Robert Dussey, President
      Avenue Nicolas
      Grunitzky B.P. 77
    • Tel: (228) 901-92-53
      Fax: (225) 225-73-60
    • Membership: National
    • The objective of Pax Perpetua Community is the promotion of peace and the fraternity in the world. To reach its objectives Pax Perpetua Community organizes symposiums, seminars and conferences to raise awareness and foster understanding among different political actors.
  120. PEACE Worldwide (Program of Education for Abodeless Children Enhancement)
    • Mr. Hector Aleem , Chairman
      Peace Worldwide
      H #160 Street
      78 G - 11/2 Islamabad
    • Tel: 92 51 2292879
    • The goals and objectives of the organization are: to provide education, skill and experience; to try to safeguard the dignity and rights of the individuals; no discrimination exercised, nor tolerated on the grounds of origin, race, status, and sex; to promote appropriate ethnic and cultural diversity of service; to provide vocational/professional technical training to women in fields of computer, woodwork, leatherwork, embroidery, etc.; to adopt measures to reduce pollution and create awareness to the people; to open dispensaries and medical clinics in the remote areas and provide other social helps to the needy people.
  121. Pount People's Action
    • Mr. Warsama Osman Ahmed, President
      Plateau Du Serpent
      Republique De Djibouti
    • Tel: 253 35 30 52
      Fax: 253 35 41 31
      E-mail: Pount@Caramail.Com
    • Membership: National
    • Favoriser le developpement de l'education; aider les victimes des catastrophes naturelles et humaines; sensibiliser et rapprocher des interlocuteurs concernes pour encourager l'action commune et faire naitre les synergies.
  122. Proyectos Laubach de Alfabetizacion en Mexico (PLAMAC)
    • Dr. Antonio Armando Uribe Baca, Presidente de la Organizacion
      Manuel Mendivil #102
      Fracc. Cd. Deportiva
      Guanajuato 36612
    • Tel/Fax: 01 462 6251027
    • Membership: National
    • PLAMAC se dedica a la educacion y dirige su accion educativa a los sectores mas abandonados de Mexico, apoyando proyectos de educacion comunitaria con enfasis en la alfabetizacion y la educacion de la mujer. PLAMAC se interesa de la integracion de la prospectiva de genero en las politicas y proyectos de financiamiento que las multilaterales impulsan.
  123. Red Mexicana de Accion Frente al Libre Comercio (RMALC)
    • Dr. Alejandro Villamar Calderon
      Godard No. 20,
      Col. Guadalupe Victoria
      C.P. 07790,
      Mexico D.F.
    • Tel: (52-5) 355-1177
      Fax: (52-5) 356-4724
      Web site:
    • Membership: National
    • To influence and support social convergence processes and build alliances in support of economic policy, alternative budgeting and debt restructuring proposals with a view to democratizing existing models. To influence economic and financial globalization processes and the negotiation and renegotiation of trade agreements to include our proposal for an economic alternative in general and specific case-by-case proposals. To develop and promote a social agenda at the national and international levels for incorporation as a substantial part of economic policies and trade and investment agreements.
  124. Rural Area Development Programme
    • Rajendra Bahadur Adhikari, Programme Coordinator
      G.P.O. Box 21003
    • Tel: +(977) 65-60615
    • Membership: national
    • The purpose of the Rural Area Development Programme is to develop and implement programmes and activities in rural areas, aimed at raising the standards of living of the rural population in cooperation with national and international donor agencies, and with the contribution of local people.
  125. SAFIA
    • Mr. Findula Zangamoni, President
      Quartier Banunu No. 37/A
      Commune de Matete
      BP 15059, Kinshasa
      Democratic Republic of the Congo - RDC
    • Tel: (243) 9933 765
      Fax: (001) 509 277 1975
    • Membership: National
    • SAFIA advocates human rights and environmental protection and natural resources conservation.
  126. Self Help Initiative
    • Mr. Ibiduni (Duni) Jones
      Silver Spring Avenue, 305G
      Silver Spring, Maryland 20910
      United States of America
    • Tel: 301 681 6815
      Fax: 301 681 8151
    • Membership: International
    • The programme's overall goal is to establish a network for dissemination of information on the effects of armed conflict on children and youth, with particular focus in the Commonwealth countries. It catalyses the process of building various groups' capacities to restore family life, provide shelter and education, and minimize the dangers of armed conflict on children and youth.
  127. Service Centre for Development Cooperation (KEPA)
    • Ms. Lotta Valtonen, Advocacy Officer
      Sornaisten rantatie 24
      00500 Helsinki
    • Tel: 358-9-584-23-246
      Fax: 358-9-584-23-200
      Web site:
    • Membership: International
    • The purpose of KEPA is to support, encourage and organize Finnish civil society to bring about a global sense of collective responsibility.
  128. Service Oecumenique pour la Paix (SeP)
    • Ms. Georgine Kengne Djeutane
      P. O. Box 12214
    • Tel: (011 237) 31 20 05
      Fax: (011 237) 31 20 06
    • Membership: National
    • Its mission is to contribute to non-violent social transformation by: spreading the philosophy and techniques of non-violence and non-violent conflict resolution; seeking and studying obstacles to just peace and its alternatives through mediation and the quest for reconciliation; stimulating and supporting non-violent actions; stimulating and supporting the fight against misery and poverty; and, encouraging training in civic, social and humanitarian action.
  129. Shelter Rights Initiative
    • Ray Onyegu, Executive Director, Legal Services and Special Projects
      6 Adisa Bashua Street, off Adelabu Street
      Surulere, Lagos
    • Tel: +(234-1) 4705626
      Fax: +(234-1) 5849028
    • Membership: national
    • The mandate of Shelter Rights Initiative is to promote due process and basic standards in economic, social and cultural rights in Nigeria. It advocates the promotion and protection of all internationally recognized human rights and provides remedial measures for victims of their violation. To achieve its mandate, the organization uses all of the instruments of civil, political, economic, social and cultural human rights. Shelter Rights Initiative sets out to achieve its objects through advocacy, research, investigations and reports on human rights abuses. It also uses campaigns and networking as principal tools in its work.
  130. Social Alert
    • Isabelle Hoferlin, Coordinator
      579 Chaussee de Haecht
      Brussels 1030
    • Tel: +(32-2) 2463607
      Fax: +(32-2) 2463010
      Web site:
    • Membership: international
    • The objective of the organization is to promote and defend economic, social and cultural rights in the world. It works specifically on collective rights and on workers' rights. To reach its objectives, Social Alert gathers social, human rights and workers' organizations from the North and the South through networks, linking North and South through the circulation and dissemination among its members of information on economic, social and cultural rights.
  131. Social Investment Forum
    • Fran Teplitz, Managing Director
      1612 K Street, N.W., Suite 650
      Washington, D.C.
      United States
    • Tel: (202) 872-5319
      Fax: (202) 822-8471
      Web site:
    • Membership: international
    • Social Investment Forum is a national, non-profit, non-governmental organization, with a membership of more than 500 socially responsible investing professionals and institutions. The Forum provides research, analysis, networking opportunities, educational programmes, media visibility, shareholder information and programmes to advance community investing in the United States and abroad. Its purpose is to advance the concept, practice and growth of socially and environmentally responsible investing. This is achieved through the three pillars of socially responsible investing: portfolio screening, shareholder advocacy and community investing.
  132. Solagral
    • Mr. Pierre Castella, President
      45 bis, Avenue de la Belle Gabrielle
      94 376 Nogent-sur-Marne cedex
    • Tel: 33 (0) 1 43 94 73 40
      Fax: 33 (0) 1 43 94 73 36
      Web site:
    • Membership: International
    • Purpose: Solagral est une organisation non gouvernementale francaise creee en 1980, agissant pour davantage de solidarite dans les regulations internationales en matiere d'agriculture, d'environnement et de developpement.
    • Namwisi Kasemvula, President
      Q Baboma N° 9/C Matete
      Kinshasa 00243
      Democratic Republic of the Congo - RDC
    • Tel: (243) 99 33 765
      Fax: 001 413 513 4242 / 011 509 277 4280
      E-mail: Ehadassa@Voila.Fr /
    • Membership: National
    • Awareness raising and educational campaigns on health related issues. Provide moral and in-kind assistance to AIDS and anemic patients.
  134. South African Institute of International Affairs (SAIIA)*
    • Mr. Tom Wheeler, Chief Operating Officer
      PO Box 31596
      Braamfontein 2017
      South Africa
    • Tel: 27-11-339-2021
      Fax: 27-11-339-2154
      Web site:
    • Membership: International
    • The South African Institute of International Affairs (SAIIA) is a non-governmental organization based in South Africa, which aims to promote a wider and more informed understanding of international issues among South Africans. It seeks to educate, inform and facilitate contact between people concerned with South Africa's place in the world, and to contribute to the public debate on foreign policy. It focuses on four key roles: public education, specialist research, international networking, and leadership development.
  135. Southern and Eastern African Trade, Information and Negotiation initiative (SEATINI)
    • Mr. Yash Tandon, Director
      Takura House, 67-69 Union Avenue
      P.O. Box 4775 Harare
    • Tel: (263 4) 792 681 Ext. 276 and 255
      Fax: (263 4) 251 648 or 728 695
      Web site:
    • Membership: International
    • SEATINI is an African initiative to strengthen Africa's capacity to take a more effective part in the emerging global trading system and to better manage the process of globalization. SEATINI mainly deals with issues and debates around the World Trade Organization and Africa's relationships to it.
  136. State of the World Forum
    • Jim Garrison, President
      P.O. Box 29434
      San Francisco, CA 94129
      United States of America
    • Tel: +(1-415) 561-2345
      Fax: +(1-415) 561-2323
      Web site:
    • Membership: international
    • The corporation is a non-profit, public benefit corporation and its specific and primary purpose is to engage in charitable and educational activities. The core mission of the State of the World Forum is to establish an enabling environment and to serve as a secretariat for the gathering of leaders and citizens from around the world and a spectrum of disciplines to search together for the new frameworks of values that are required for this new phase of human development and, within this context, to take concerted action - strategic initiatives - to help give shape to the world.
  137. Sustainable Development Initiative, Columbia University
    • Eugenie Bietry, Director
      Columbia University Graduate School of Business
      2880 Broadway
      Mail Code 0205
      New York, NY 10025
      United States of America
    • Tel: (212) 854-3489
      Fax: (212) 316-1473
    • Membership: national
    • As a research and outreach programme of the Columbia University Graduate School of Business, the Sustainable Development Initiative seeks to facilitate a healthy business environment within the framework of long-term economic sustainability. It furthers this process in several ways. It identifies, supports and conducts research into the opportunities and constraints environmental issues pose for business management; acts as a resource for curriculum development and student education; and maintains an active outreach programme of lectures, workshops and conferences on issues of sustainability
  138. Tax Justice Network
    • Mr. John Christensen, Director,
      International Secretariat
      38 Stanley Avenue,
      Chesham, Buckinghamshire, HP 52JG
      United Kingdom
    • Tel: +44 79 79 8683 02
    • Membership: International
    • The Tax Justice Network (TJN) promotes tax justice and tax cooperation and resists tax avoidance, tax evasion and tax competition. It operates on a not-for-profit basis by bringing together organizations, social movements and individuals working towards these goals. TJN campaigns for a tax system which is favourable for poor people in developing and developed countries, finances public goods and taxes harmful activities which pollute and cause unacceptable inequality.
  139. Terre de la Jeunesse Culturelle
    • Mr. Achille Kougbenya, Executive President
      239 rue Adido Qt Gbossime
      2652 Lome, Togo
    • Tel: +228 948 0222/222 20 68/919 3610
      Fax: +258 220 6821/ 223 2605
    • Membership: National
    • Terre de la Jeuness Culturelle is a non-governmental organization created in 2000 by young volunteers dedicated to the understanding of protection of the environment and the promotion of the agricultural sector and access to ICT, health and education. Its overall mission is to support sustainable development as a priority at the national, regional and global levels. It also aims to educate, empower, and support the youth of Togo in order to involve them in a sustainable development process.
  140. The Sisters of Charity Federation
    • Marie Elena Dio, SC, NGO Representative
      84-32 63 Avenue
      Middle Village, NY 11379
      United States of America
    • Membership: national
    • The Federation aims to alleviate and eliminate all forms of poverty through advocacy, witness, systemic change and direct services
  141. Transkei Land Service Organization
    • Navy Simukonda, Acting Director
      Private Bag X5132
      60 Wesley Street
      Umatata 5100, Eastern Cape
      South Africa
    • Membership: national
    • The aim of the organization is to ensure equitable access to and control over land and related resources for sustainable development.
  142. UBUNTU-World Forum of Civil Society Networks*
    • Ms. Nuria Molina, Executive Officer
      Ad Hoc Secretariat
      Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya
      Torre Girona: PL 001
      Jordi Girona 31
      08034 Barcelona
    • Tel: 34-93-401-2569
      Fax: 34-93-401-2568
      Web site:
    • Membership: International
    • UBUNTU serves as a network of non-governmental organizations. Its main objective is to unite efforts and build bridges of dialogue and communication amongst national and international institutions, which are focused on promoting peace, endogenous development, dignity and human rights.
  143. Uganda Development Network (UDN)
    • Joseph Okune, Chairperson
      Plot 424 Mawanda Road, Kamwokya
      P.O. Box 21509
      Kampala, Uganda
    • Tel: (256) 41-543974
      Fax: (256) 41-534856
      Web site:
    • Membership: International
    • UDN was formed in 1996 by a network of civil society organizations and individuals as an advocacy and lobbying coalition, out of concern that civil society in Uganda was not participating actively in the campaign for debt relief under the Highly Indebted Poor Countries (HIPCs) Debt Relief Initiative, sponsored by the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank. UDN's mission is to advocate for reduced and sustainable debt levels and to use, in an accountable and effective fashion, national resources for the benefit of all the people of Uganda.
  144. United Nations Association Dominican Republic
    • John R. Gagain Jr., Vice-President
      Avenida Maximo Gomez No. 29 Suite 206
      Plaza Gazcue
      Santo Domingo
      Dominican Republic
    • Tel: +(809) 221 4455
      Fax: +(809) 221 4466
      Mobile: + (809) 914 527 6403
    • Membership: national
    • Founded in 2000, the Association's mandate is to promote the work of the United Nations system. The Association's programmes are structured to reach out to various audiences, such as students and teachers, businesses and corporations, non-governmental organizations and individual citizens within the Dominican community.
  145. Urban Justice Center
    • Ms. Laine Alston
      Human Rights Project
      666 Broadway, 10th Floor
      New York, NY 10012
      United States of America
    • Tel: (212) 602-5600 Ext. 5627
      Fax: (212) 533-4698
      Web site:
      Membership: Non applicable
    • Urban Justice Center, a not-for-profit agency dedicated to advocating on behalf of the poor and marginalized through a unique combination of direct representation, systemic advocacy driven by direct service work, and community education and empowerment. One of the Center's areas of work is the Human Rights Project, aiming at promoting the use of an economic human rights framework in the United States as a tool to analyse the implementation and impact of social policy.
  146. Village Earth: the Consortium for Sustainable Village-based Development
    • David Bartecchi, Office Manager
      W110 Engineering Research Centre (ERC)
      Colorado State University
      Fort Collins, Colorado 80521
      United States of America
    • Tel and Fax: (970) 491 5754
      Web site:
    • Membership: International
    • The goal of Village Earth: the Consortium for Sustainable Village-based Development (CSVBD) is to join together with other non-governmental organizations and individuals to help connect rural villages (two thirds of the world's population) to global resources - including energy resources, information resources, hard and soft appropriate technologies, social resources and financial resources - for self-reliant, sustainable village-based development.
  147. VIVAT International
    • Robert B. Fisher, Co-Chairperson
      211 East 43rd St., Suite 706
      New York, NY 10017
      United States of America
    • Tel: +(1-646) 487-0003
      Fax: +(1-646) 487-0004
      Web site:
    • Membership: international
    • VIVAT currently operates in 61 countries, and its main goal is to promote networking of its members, and most particularly: to promote collaboration with the United Nations in achieving peace, human rights and sustainable development; to distribute information aimed at awareness-raising among its members; to glean from the grass-roots experience and insights of its members and bring these to the attention of the international community; and to liaise and collaborate with other agencies and networks.
  148. Volontari nel Mondo
    • Silvia Sperandini, International relations
      Via S.Francesco di Sales
      18 00165 Rome
    • Tel: +(39) 066877796 / 066877867
      Fax: +(39) 066872373
      Web site:
    • Membership: national
    • FOCSIV is a federation of 52 Italian non-governmental organizations of international cooperation for development, working to promote a "one world" consciousness and to carry out programmes of cooperation with the South. Its aim is to contribute to the struggle against all forms of poverty and marginalization; the affirmation of human dignity and human rights; the growth of local communities and institutions, enabling them to become authentic agents for the development of their own people; and the growth of non-governmental organizations through research, training and evaluation, promoting all forms of collaboration and coordination.
  149. WaterAid
    • Mr. Eric Gutierrez, Policy Officer
      Prince Consort House
      27-29 Albert Embankment
      London SE1 7UB
      United Kingdom
    • Tel: +44 (0) 20 7793 4555
      Fax: +44 (0) 20 7793 4545
      Web site: /
    • Membership: National
    • WaterAid is the United Kingdom's only major charity dedicated exclusively to provision of domestic water, sanitation, and hygiene promotion to the world's poorest people. Billions of people do not have access to safe water and billions of people in the world lack adequate sanitation. WaterAid works with individuals and families in their communities, paying special attention to the role of women, to enable them to take ownership of these projects and to maintain a lasting supply of safe water as well as influence others to do the same. It believes that their approach makes it possible for communities to sustain a better quality of life, and is an essential step in the eradication of poverty.
  150. Wemos Foundation
    • Dr. Nina Tellegen, Managing Director
      Ellermanstraat 15
      Postbus 1693
      1000 B R. Amsterdam
      The Netherlands
    • Tel: +31 20 4688 388
      Fax: +31 20 4686 008
      Web site:
    • Membership: International
    • Wemos Foundation aims to influence policies of the North in order to improve the health situation of men and women in developing countries. More specifically, Wemos Foundation concentrates on the consequences for health and access to health services of international trade agreements, debt relief policies, structural adjustment programmes and poverty reduction strategies.
  151. Women's International Coalition for Economic Justice
    • Carol Barton, Coordinator
      12 Dongan Place, 206
      New York, NY 10040
      United States of America
    • Membership: international
    • The organization aims to advance an enabling environment that would allow for full implementation of the commitments made at United Nations conferences, particularly with regard to trade, debt, finance and the role of transnational corporations.
  152. World Population Foundation
    • Mr. Wouter A. Meijer, Executive Director
      Amperestraat 10
      1221 GJ Hilversum
      The Netherlands
    • Tel: 31-35-642 23 04
      Fax: 31-35-642 14 52
      E-mail: or
    • The World Population Foundation aims at improving the quality of the lives of the present and future generations by carrying out projects in developing countries in the field of reproductive health and by the awakening of policy makers, politicians and the general public in regard to stimulating the subject population.
  153. Year of Relief 2000
    • Jurgen Kaiser, Campaign Coordinator
      Folkersbeck 57
      45149 Essen
    • Membership: national
    • The aims of the organization are to achieve substantial debt relief for the world's poor countries by the year 2000 and the reformulation of international financial relations in order to establish a fair process between debtors and creditors.
  154. Youth Ending Hunger
    • Mustapha Chouikha
      Villa B7 SPRIC
      TN - 2070 La Marsa
    • Membership: national and international
    • The aim of Youth Ending Hunger is to create a world where all people are enriched both physically and spiritually and can have hope for their future.

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