flying albatross International Conference on Financing for Development, Monterrey, Mexico 18-22 March 2002 United Nations
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Summit  Segment 

22 March 2002: Friday

(All times and rooms are provisional)

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Time Event Venue
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9 am - 1 pm Summit  Plenary  Third Session CR 1
11am - 3 pm Mexican Government Hosted Retreat for Heads of State and Government   
1 pm - 2 pm  Unofficial Side-events   
2 pm - 7:30 pm Summit  Plenary  Fourth Session CR. 1
8 pm   Closing CR. 1
  • Reports by the Business, Civil Society and Parliamentairans Forums
  • Adoption of Monterrey Consensus final document(s)
  • Closing remarks by the Head of State of the host country
  • Closing remarks by the Secretary-General

See A/DEC/56//445 para 1(c) , 1(d), and 2

Supplemental Background Information

   The list of speakers was established by drawing of lots on 7 March 2002, in accordance with the customary protocol that ensures that Heads of State or Government speak first in each session, followed by Ministers and other heads of delegation. 

    Even with four extended sessions, each speaker will have five minutes.

See A/56/445 para 1(c) 

Under the agenda item "Reports from related forums", the Bureau Task Force has extended invitations to:

The time limit for statements will be set in accordance with the number of speakers, up to 5 minutes.

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