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National Level Coordination Structure of Agenda 21 Actions


1. Key National Sustainable Development Coordination Mechanism(s)/Council(s).
Ministry of Tourism, Natural Resources and Environment

Contact point (Name, Title, Office):
Erick K. Mugurusi, Director
Division of Environment

Telephone: 255-51-27585

Fax: 255-51-44964


Mailing address:
P.O. Box 72243
Dar es Salaam
Tanzania 255-51

2. Membership/Composition/Chairperson:
Director: Erick K. Mugurusi; S.B. Mbwana, Senior Forest Officer; Kimacha Nanai, Senior Wildlife Officer; Peter K. Chisara, Senior Fisheries Officer; Angelina E. A. Madete, Industrial Engineer; S. Nkondokaya, Fisheries Officer; S. Kisimbo, Wildlife Officer; Charles Swai, Public Health Engineer; Sanjo M. Mgeta, Environmental Engineer; Loyce C. M. Lema, Beekeeping Officer; Esher Makwaia, Fisheries Officer.

2a. List of ministries and agencies involved:

2b. Names of para-statal bodies and institutions involved, as well as participation of academic and private sectors:

2c. Names of non-governmental organizations:

3. Mandate role of above mechanism/council:
The Division of Environment: 1) coordinates environmental issues at the national level; 2) promotes strategies for sustainable management of the nation's natural resources; 3) monitors the state of the environment on a continuous basis; 4) promotes and disseminates environmental information.

4. If available, attach a diagram (organization chart) showing national coordination structure and linkages between ministries:

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Date: April 1995

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