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National Level Coordination Structure of Agenda 21 Actions


1. Key National Sustainable Development Coordination Mechanism(s)/Council(s).
Higher Council for Environment and Natural Resources

Contact point (Name, Title, Office):
Mohammed Abdalla Ali, Secretary General, Higher Council for Environment and Natural Resources
Telephone: +84279
Fax: +871-1516741
Mailing address: P.O. Box 10488, Khartoum, Sudan

2. Membership/Composition/Chairperson
Prime Minister (Chairman)

2a. List of ministries and agencies involved:
Minister of Agriculture, Natural Resources and Animal Wealth; Minister of Irrigation and Water Resources; Minister of Health; Minister of Education and Scientific Research; Minister of Industry and Commerce; Minister of Energy and Mining; Minister of Justice/Attorney General; Minister of Culture and Information; Director General of Public Corporation for Investment.

2b. Names of para-statal bodies and institutions involved, as well as participation of academic and private sectors:

2c. Names of non-governmental organizations:
Chairman of the Chamber of Industry - Private Sector.

3. Mandate role of above mechanism/council:
(a) Draft general policies: First - natural resources inventories and development to ensure the appropriate management of the resources and their conservation and sustainable use. Second - environment conservation in coordination with the appropriate authorities in the states; (b) Coordinate the work of the Council Branches and all efforts in natural resource inventories and conservation and efforts for the sustainable development of the resources, monitor changes in the natural resources, specify areas subjected to depletion, desertification and pollution and decide on priorities for surveys and studies on natural resources; (c) Make long-term plans for rational and balanced use of the natural resources and environment conservation and follow up the execution of the plan with appropriate authorities; (d) Periodically review legislation related to the natural resources and the environment, make sure that laws are effective and introduce any necessary amendments to improve the laws; (e) Establishment of Branches and Technical Committees to help the Council in performing its responsibilities; (f) Work towards securing governmental, popular and international funding for the environment and natural resources development and conservation; (g) Encourage support and coordinate scientific research in all fields of the environment and natural resources; (h) Make a federal plan for environmental awareness and rational use of the natural resources and try to incorporate environmental education in school curricula; (i) Make by-laws to coordinate the council meetings.

4. If available, attach a diagram (organization chart) showing national coordination structure and linkages between ministries:

Submitted by
Mohamed Abdalla Ali
Signature: Signed.
Title: Secretary General
Date: 8 December 1994
Ministry/Office: Higher Council for Environment and Natural Resources
Telephone: +84279
Fax: +871-1516741/+873-1610441

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