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Proposed Projects for the 9th Tranche

The proposed programme budget for the year of 2014-2015 has been submitted for approval to the General Assembly's Fifth Commitee. It amounts to 28.4 million USD comprises 46 projects. The budget is currently under review by the General Assembly. Below the projects and their concept notes

Tranche 9

Title Budget (in thsd USD)
1415A. Strengthening the capacity of national tax administrations in developing countries to effectively negotiate and apply double tax treaties for the financing of sustainable development (DESA in collaboration with ECLAC, ECA, ESCWA and ESCAP)     632,000
1415B. Supporting Member States in developing and strengthening environment statistics and integrated environmental-economic accounting for improved monitoring of sustainable development (DESA in collaboration with ECA, ECLAC, ESCWA and ESCAP).     691,000
1415C. Strengthening the capacity of small island developing States to assess progress in the implementation of the Mauritius Strategy to mitigate risks and reduce vulnerability (DESA in collaboration with UNCTAD, ECA, ECLAC and UNDP)     588,000
1415D. Supporting developing countries in their transition from Millennium Development Goals-based development strategies to broader sustainable development strategies through modelling-based policy analyses  (DESA in collaboration with UNDP, ESCWA and ECLAC)     630,000
1415E. Enhancing the capacity of governments and indigenous leaders to ensure social integration and inclusive development in Africa and Asia (DESA in collaboration with ECA and ESCAP)     524,000
1415F. Strengthening capacities in developing countries in sub-Saharan Africa and Asia for effective use of population data in policy-making for sustainable development (DESA in collaboration with ECA and ESCAP)     588,000
1415G. Strengthening capacities of selected developing countries to design national strategies for sustainable development through participatory approaches, building on the National Voluntary Presentations in the Economic and Social Council (DESA in collaboration with UNDP, UNESCO, UNIDO and UNEP).     395,800
1415H. Strengthening the capacities of developing countries to provide access to development information through open government data (DESA in collaboration with ECA and UNDP)     592,000
1415I. S Strengthening capacities of selected developing countries for effective sub-national development policy formulation and planning towards sustainable development (DESA in collaboration with UN-HABITAT, ECLAC, ESCAP, ECA, UNITAR, UNU)     639,000
1415J. Strengthening national capacities to develop national action plans to implement the Non-legally Binding Instrument on all Types of Forests (DESA in collaboration with UNFCC, FAO)     413,000
1415K. Building capacity of developing countries' policy makers to address regulatory and institutional gaps in the field of sovereign debt governance (UNCTAD)     588,000
1415L. Supporting member states in developing and launching sustainable product export strategies through National Sustainable Product Export Reviews (UNCTAD)     590,000
1415M. Strengthening of capacities of policymakers and municipal leaders in developing countries on applying science, technology and innovation to improve sustainability in cities (UNCTAD in collaboration with DESA and Regional Commissions)     596,000
1415N. Strengthening capacities of policy-makers to assess implications of non-tariff measures in international trade and formulate appropriate policy responses (UNCTAD)     620,000
1415O. Climate change impacts on coastal transport infrastructure in the Caribbean: enhancing the adaptive capacity of Small Island Developing States (SIDS) (UNCTAD)     595,000
1415P. Strengthening the capacity of the Economic Community of Central Africa (ECCAS)  member states to enhance domestic production linkages from the mineral resources sector (UNCTAD in collaboration with ECA)     641,000
1415Q. Building capacities of developing countries to shift towards sustainable freight transport (UNCTAD)     611,000
1415R. Strengthening the capacities of developing country policymakers and investment promotion officials in priority sectors to attract investment for sustainable and inclusive development (UNCTAD)     585,000
1415S. Building Sustainable and Resilient Ecological Food Systems using Ecosystem-based Adaptation in agriculture-dominated landscapes in Sub Saharan Africa (UNEP in collaboration with FAO, IFAD and IUCN)     633,000
1415T. Supporting developing countries to deliver sustainable consumption and production services at the country level     651,000
1415U. Enabling sustainable and resilient development in post-crisis countries by mainstreaming environment and risk reduction into development planning (UNEP and UNDP in collaboration with UNISDR)     521,000
1415V. Strengthening capacities to address tenure security in Africa through better monitoring and information (UN-Habitat)     501,000
1415W. Strengthening national capacities to formulate and adopt housing and slum upgrading strategies (UN-Habitat jointly with UNHCHR, UN-Women, UNDESA, ECA, ECLAC, ESCAP and ESCWA)     629,000
1415X. Strengthening capacities to mainstream climate change concerns into national urban related policies in the Asian and Pacific region (UN-Habitat jointly with UNEP and ESCAP)     730,000
1415Y. Strengthening the capacity of African countries to use mobile technologies to collect data for effective policy and decision making (ECA in collaboration with DESA)  1,165,000
1415Z. Strengthening capacity for policy analysis, forecasting and development planning in selected African countries (ECA in collaboration with DESA)     634,000
1415AA. Strengthening the capacity of African governments to negotiate transparent, equitable and sustainable contracts in extractive industries for broad-based sustainable growth and socio-economic development (UNECA in collaboration with ESCWA, ECLAC, ESCAP and UNCTAD)     635,000
1415AB. Strengthening the capacity of the Africa Peer Review Mechanism countries in conducting effective self-assessment and implementing the National Plans of Action (ECA)     624,000
1415AC. Strengthening national capacities for sustainable housing in selected countries with economies in transition (ECE jointly with UN-Habitat)     533,000
1415AD. Strengthening the capacity in the most vulnerable countries in the Economic Commission for Europe region for the sustainable development of statistics (ECE in collaboration  with UNFPA, UNICEF, UNDP)     535,000
1415AE. Strengthening the capacity of transition and developing economies to participate in cross-border agricultural food supply chains (ECE in collaboration with ESCAP)     440,000
1415AF. Strengthening Governments’ and water operators’ capacity to ensure equity of access to water and sanitation in in countries in transition in the UNECE region with a particular focus on small-scale water supplies and sanitation in rural areas (ECE jointly with WHO Europe)     578,000
1415AG. Strengthening the technical capacity of public finance managers in select Caribbean Small Island Developing States to manage their public finances (ECLAC)     492,000
1415AH. Promoting inclusive finance through development banking innovation practices to support social, productive development and structural change with a particular focus on Small and Medium Enterprises in Latin American countries (ECLAC in collaboration with ESCAP and DESA)     502,000
1415AI. Strengthening statistical capacities for building macroeconomic and sustainable development indicators in Latin American, Caribbean and Asia-Pacific countries (ECLAC jointly with ESCAP and DESA)     862,000
1415AJ. Logistics integration for a more sustainable exploitation of natural resources in Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC in collaboration with ESCAP)     612,000
1415AK. Strengthening national capacities to design and implement rights-based policies and programmes that address care of dependent populations and women's economic empowerment in urban areas (ECLAC in collaboration with UN Women, UNFPA and UN-Habitat)     564,000
1415AL. Enhancing the contribution of preferential trade agreements to inclusive and equitable trade and investment (ESCAP  in collaboration with ECLAC and ECA)     742,000
1415AM. Strengthening the capacity of governments in the ESCAP, ECA and ESCWA regions to respond to the needs of youth in formulating inclusive and sustainable development policies (ESCAP  jointly with ESCWA & ECA)     960,000
1415AN. Enhancing knowledge and capacity to manage disaster risk for a resilient future in Asia and the Pacific (ESCAP in collaboration with ECLAC, OCHA, UNISDR, UNDP and OHRLLS)     678,000
1415AO. Strengthened capacity of small island developing states (SIDS) in Asia-Pacific on valuation of environmental capital and the economic cost of gender inequality (ESCAP in collaboration with DESA and UNEP)     638,000
1415AP. Strengthening connectivity of countries in South and Central Asia, particularly Land-Locked and Least Developed Countries, to link with, sub-regional and regional transport and trade networks (ESCAP jointly with ECE)     632,000
1415AQ. Strengthening the statistical capacity of the countries members of the Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia in producing and disseminating short-term economic indicators for sustainable growth (ESCWA in collaboration with DESA, ECA and IMF)     518,000
1415AR. Strengthening national capacities for integrated, sustainable and inclusive population and development policies in the Arab region (ESCWA in collaboration with ECA and UNFPA)     714,000
1415AS. Promoting renewable energy investments for climate change mitigation and sustainable development (ESCWA jointly with ECE)     632,000
1415AT. Developing the capacity of the countries members of the Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia to address the water and energy nexus for achieving sustainable development goals (ESCWA)     525,000