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Integrating Environmental Sustainability in the UN Development Assistance Frameworks (UNDAFs) and UN Common Country Programming Process


The overall goal of this project is to ensure that the UN system – through the UNDAF – supports the achievement of MDG7 and addresses national environmental priorities in selected countries with a focus on capacity development for both the UNCT and government partners. Through this project, UNEP will build on the results delivered under the 7th tranche of the Development Account and expand its UNDAF engagement in additional countries. The project will develop national capacities to achieve the MDG7 by contributing to the implementation of the UNDAF in line with national development strategy priorities and goals in the 5 countries (one in each region – Africa, Latin America, Europe, Asia Pacific, West Asia) in which UNEP supported the UNDAF preparation (18 months) during 2011-2012 with the financial support of the 7th tranche of the Development Account.

The project will also develop the UNCT’s and government’s capacities to integrate environmental sustainability in the country-level planning processes by supporting the preparation of the UNDAF aligned to national development strategies in 5 additional countries (one in each region – Africa, Latin America, Europe, Asia Pacific, West Asia). The 10 countries will be selected in consultation with the UN Resident Coordinator and government partners. UNEP will work in countries where UNEP’s comparative advantages intersect with the national development priorities and the action agenda of the MDG summit of September 2010.

The approach and methodologies adopted for the 7th tranche activities related to UNDAF development will also apply to several aspects of the proposed project. In this regard, the content of the proposed project mirrors and replicates to a large extent the content of the 7th tranche project. 


To strengthen the capacities of selected UNCTs and national institutions in 10 countries to integrate environmental sustainability in the preparation (5 countries) and implementation (5 additional  countries) of the UNDAF and national development strategies.

Expected accomplishments:

  • The national authorities have improved capacity to manage environmental and natural resources in line with UNDAF outputs (5 countries, one in each region)

  • Environment Sustainability is fully integrated in new and additional UNDAFs and national development strategy (5 countries, one in each region)

Implementation status:

In progress.