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Building National Capacities for Promoting Foreign Direct Investment in Green and Other Growth Sectors


While posing daunting challenges to policy makers and investment promotion agencies (IPAs), the financial and economic crisis and the resulting changes in the international investment environment as well as the imperative transition to a low-carbon future open up business and investment opportunities, including those arising from green and other fast-growing industries.

This project is designed to strengthen the capacity of IPAs from developing countries to promote and retain foreign direct investment (FDI) in green and other growth sectors, such as in renewable energy, sustainable agriculture and more energy efficient production. The project will be implemented through a series of interventions that can be grouped into four categories: a) technical advice based on requests from governments of developing countries; b) production of practical guides to support developing countries in designing and implementing forward-looking policies and strategies and special measures for the promotion of green FDI; c) establishment of a global online network on green FDI for IPAs and other investment stakeholders; and d) organization of three regional investment training seminars for developing countries from various regions on strategies, policies and practices to attract FDI in green industries and other sectors with development potential.


To strengthen the capacities of developing countries to attract and benefit from FDI in green and other growth sectors in order to create employment, promote agricultural development and reduce poverty.

Expected accomplishments:

  • Increased capacity of developing country policymakers and IPAs to pursue inclusive and sustainable development through the promotion of green FDI, including investments in renewable energy, energy efficiency and sustainable agriculture.

  • A fully operational global online network on green FDI that, by involving all stakeholders, enhances the exchange of best practices, transfer of knowledge, cooperation and the development of global partnerships for development.

Implementation status:

In progress.