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Addressing the impact of trade and trade agreements on employment in developing countries


The creation of productive employment opportunities is essential for achieving poverty reduction and sustainable economic and social development, and the Millennium Development Goals. International trade and trade policies can contribute to the creation of productive employment. The proposed project will support the formulation and implementation of appropriate trade and development strategies by exploring the link between trade and the international trading system, on one hand, and employment generation and development, on the other. The project focuses on two sectors, agriculture and services.


To enable and encourage policy makers in selected developing and least-developed countries to take the link between international trade and employment generation and its implication into account, and to support the development of trade and development policies with positive impact on productive and beneficial employment.

Expected accomplishments:

  • Enhanced understanding by experts and policymakers of the effects of trade, trade agreements and trade downturn risks on employment in 4 countries/regions and 2 sectors (agriculture and services) to support the formulation of effective national trade and employment strategies

  • Strengthened ability of policymakers in at least 4 countries to develop coherent trade and employment strategies at the national and international levels

Implementation status:

In progress.