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Capacity-building for the formulation and implementation of MDG-oriented trade policies in developing countries contributing to accelerating achievement of MDGs in the context of multiple and interrelated development challenges


The project will aim to make a contribution towards the design of coherent and best-fit Millennium Development Goals-oriented national trade policies that are geared towards enhancing trade (export growth), productive capacities and employment, while achieving social and economic improvements consonant with the Goals. These trade policies should be integrated into broader development, supportive of productive capacity building and job creation, pro-poor in their orientation (targeting sectors that heavily involve the poor, including women) and environment friendly (targeting sectors that preserve the environment), such as organic agriculture or sustainable tourism. The project will enhance the awareness of the trade policy community on the importance of critically taking into account MDGs, as well as productive capacities and decent employment goals, in national trade policy frameworks, strengthen skill base to assess related policy changes and options, and the institutional capacities to formulate and implement such policies.


To enhance coherence, inclusiveness and Millennium Development Goal-oriention in trade policy frameworks that that are best-fit to national economic needs and more resilient and adaptable to multiple crisis environment

Expected accomplishments:

  • Increased levels of understanding of the trade policy community in the targeted countries of the contribution of trade to economic recovery, growth and sustainable development in a post-crisis period

  • Increased capacities of policymakers in analyzing the impact of trade on economic recovery and development, including the potential contribution of key products and services sectors;

  • A selected number of developing countries having elaborated and validated, including through multi-stakeholder consultative process, a comprehensive¬† trade policy framework that ensures policy coherence with other measures that support inclusive and sustainable development

Implementation status:

In progress.