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Strengthening national capacities to manage policies and frameworks on science, technology and innovation in Asian countries


The project will support better national science, technology and innovation policy formulation and implementation in three developing countries of Asia and the Pacific, in order to support national development strategies. Special emphasis will be placed on involving and strengthening local expertise, supporting capacity building in the area of STI policy making, seeking collaborative partnerships and promoting networking at the national, regional and international levels. Synergies with the work of other international organizations, most notably the relevant UN Regional Commissions (ESCAP and ESCWA) and with national academic institutions, will be exploited to the largest extent possible.

UNCTAD has already received requests from several Asia Pacific countries (namely, Kazakhstan, Iraq, Pakistan, the Philippines and Sri Lanka) to support building their policy making capacities in the area of science, technology and innovation. The specific countries in which the national STIP reviews will be conducted will be selected following discussions with interested countries and based on their high-level political commitment to the exercise as demonstrated by a ministerial endorsement of the request for a STIP review, an identification of a strong and credible national counterpart and the preparation of a brief issues note outlining the specific questions to which the STIP review process is expected to help develop a response.

The project will start in mid 2012 and finalise in 2015. Each national review takes between 12 to 18 months to complete.


To improve the mechanisms for the formulation of national STI policies and the effectiveness of national innovation systems in three developing countries of Asia and the Pacific, through the implementation of STIP reviews, in order to support national development strategies and plans

Expected accomplishments:

  • Strengthened capacity to design, implement, assess and adjust policy in the area of science, technology and innovation with a view to maximizing their impact on specific economic sectors, with due regard to national development priorities and local conditions in three developing countries of the Asia Pacific region
  • Increased access by policymakers of beneficiary countries to expertise to better integrate their science, ¬†technology and innovation policy strategies into national development policies

Implementation status:

In progress.