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Strengthening regional knowledge networks to promote the effective implementation of the United Nations Development Agenda and to assess progress


The Annual Ministerial Review launched in 2007 by the Economic and Social Council has proven to be a success, as demonstrated by the increasing number of countries volunteering for review. The General Assembly in its resolution 61/16 requested the Council to urge the United Nations regional commissions, in collaboration with other regional and subregional organizations and processes, as appropriate, to contribute, within their mandates, to the reviews of progress made in the implementation of and follow-up to the outcomes of the major United Nations conferences and summits in the economic, social and related fields and to provide input to the discussions of the Council in accordance with its rules and procedure. Since 2007, the regional commissions have been collaborating with the DESAto organize regional consultations in preparation of the Annual Ministerial Review. Starting in 2008, in order to help Member States best engage with the Council, the DESAhas organized workshops and developed a website to enable countries to exchange information on effective practices at the national level. While national workshops have enabled countries to strengthen preparations for national reviews, it is necessary to examine progress and enable Member States to share lessons learned and exchange information among each other at the regional level.

The project will address this need by supporting the establishment of regional knowledge networks, developing capacity through a portal for Member States and establishing stronger links among countries at the regional level, including National Voluntary Presentation countries. The proposed project will build on the efforts to integrate the development agenda into national strategies and to build the capacity to assess national progress towards the internationally agreed development goals. Jointly with the regional commissions, it will augment the knowledge, expertise and lessons learned so far at the regional level in the review and assessment of national development strategies. The project will build on existing regional networks and projects, such as the ECA peer learning review/knowledge network on national development strategies. Moreover, this project will contribute towards the preparation of national voluntary presentations and the continued engagement of Member States with the Economic and Social Council. In particular, it will enable a mutual review of policies and projects facilitating scaling-up and possible regional collaboration. The project will tap into the expertise of national experts who have already been engaged in National Voluntary Presentations and use the website "Development Strategies that Work", developed under the sixth tranche of the Development Account.


To strengthen national and regional expertise for the review and assessment of effective national development strategies, and support the sharing of such expertise and assessments at the regional and global levels, including the preparation of national voluntary presentations and engagement with the Economic and Social Council.

Expected accomplishments:

  • Establishment of regional knowledge networks to share regional expertise in the review and assessment of national development strategies and in the preparation of national voluntary presentations
  • Building national and regional capacity on policies that work

Implementation status: