Dialogue through Statistical Commission

The 40th Session of the Commission took place in 2009 when the world economic outlook has drastically deteriorated and the global community of statisticians is now facing serious concerns and challenges. The agenda of the session shows that the Commission is responding to the policy challenges – it addressed agriculture statistics, energy statistics and statistics for climate change and a milestone has been reached with the adoption of the updated System of National Accounts.

High-level Forum on Globalization and Global Crisis: The Role of Official Statistics

The High-level Forum is an annual event that considers critical issues in official statistics and provides guidance in the advancement of the global statistical system. In 2009 the central theme focused on the global financial, food and economic crisis.

The Forum featured a high level panel composed of users and producers of statistics, who provided their views on how the global statistical system has evolved the role of the Statistical Commission and the new challenges that the Commission has to face to move the global system forward.

International Seminar on Timeliness, Methodology and Comparability of Rapid Estimates of Economic Trends

Co-organized by DESA’s Statistics Division, the Statistical Office of the European Communities (Eurostat) and Statistics Canada in Ottawa, Canada, on 27-29 May 2009, the purpose of the international seminar was to address the current use of the various categories of rapid estimates in monetary, fiscal and financial policy making. Presentations and discussions by participants from around 30 countries and 12 international and regional organizations centered on exchanging experience and seeking answers on how these high frequency statistics can be instrumental in the analysis of the turning points of the financial crisis in support of swift and synchronized policy actions at the global and national level. The international statistical community has a particular role to play in the area of monitoring the development of the crisis. Analyst and policy makers urgently need timely and reliable high frequency statistics that are comparable between countries and regions.

Meeting on Official Statistics and the Impact of the Financial Crisis

The meeting on 22 February 2009 focused on the implications of official statistics arising from the systemic aspects of the global financial crisis and economic downturn. It was an opportunity to explore how statisticians could accelerate the availability of official estimates from macroeconomic frameworks by setting priorities and coordinating international action.

The discussions lead to swift proposals and synchronized actions by the global statistical community towards better monitoring of the financial system and more timely and comparable data on the vulnerable sectors of the global economy.

High-level Forum on the Long-Term Development of 2008 System of National Accounts

The forum provided an opportunity to discuss the implications of the current world financial crisis for the national accounts. The outcome confirmed that the macroeconomic accounts are at the heart of the economic statistical information system and they provide a sound basis for articulating economic developments of a globally interconnected nature.