DESA News Vol. 13, No. 09 September 2009


Climate change and economic growth Climate change and economic growth

“The transition to a low-carbon economy will be difficult, but it will also yield great benefits across the spectrum of human activity. We can catch two birds -- climate change and economic growth -- with just one stone,” says the Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon at the University Presidents’ Forum on Climate Change and Sustainable Development in Seoul on 17 August.

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ICT and innovation for education ICT and innovation for education

Information and Communication Technology (ICT) can be a powerful enabler to bring sustainable development to countries of this world. Today, we live amidst an unprecedented revolution in the advancement of ICT. Education has become a primary focus of the recently forged Information and Communication Technology for Development community, especially in Least Developed Countries.

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Call to action for young men and women Call to action for young men and women

The theme of this year’s International Youth Day on 12 August was “Sustainability: Our Challenge. Our Future.” Jean-Pierre Gonnot, Acting Director of DESA’s Division for Social Policy and Development noted in his message on behalf of the Secretary-General that “our world faces multiple, interconnected crises with severe and far-reaching impacts that fall disproportionately on the young,”.


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World Economic and Social Survey 2009: Promoting Development, Saving the Planet

World Economic and Social Survey 2009: Promoting Development, Saving the Planet

The central message of this flagship survey, published on 1 September, is that an integrated approach based on the concept of sustainable development is urgently needed if climate and development objectives are to be met together. The key to such an approach is a low-carbon, high-growth transformation of the global economy — a transformation that can keep temperature increases consistent, while at the same time fostering the strong growth and economic diversification in developing countries.


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Mr. Oscar de RojasMr. Oscar de Rojas, Director of the Financing for Development Office, retired on 31 August 2009, bringing to an end a distinguished career during which he had also served for 27 years in the Venezuelan Foreign and Civil Services, attaining the rank of Ambassador, and holding senior-level posts in his country’s diplomatic missions at UN Headquarters in New York and Geneva, in Paris, and in the Venezuelan Ministry of Foreign Affairs.