DESA News Vol. 13, No. 08 August 2009

Capacity development

Census evaluation and post enumeration surveys

Regional Workshop on the 2010 World Programme for Population and Housing Censuses will be held in AsunciĆ³n, Paraguay from 3-7 August

The workshop, organized by the Statistics Division in collaboration with the Paraguay Direccion General de Estadistica, Encuestas y Censos, will present an overview of the various methods of evaluating censuses with a focus on the post enumeration survey (PES) methodology. More specifically, the workshop will cover elements of the PES with regard to planning and implementation, frames and sample design, methodologies for evaluating content and coverage errors, matching procedures, imputation of missing values, and tabulation and dual system of estimation.

The workshop will also offer the possibility to the participants to present and discuss the experience of their countries on different aspects of census evaluation and the post enumeration survey. 13 countries from Latin America will participate in this event as well as experts from the US Census Bureau and the Australian Bureau of Statistics.

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2009 Bahrain International e-Government Forum

DESA’s Division for Public Administration & Development Management(DPADM) supported Bahrain’s e-Government strategy

At the request of the Government of Bahrain, DPADM’s Inter-regional Adviser, Richard Kerby participated in the 2009 International e-Government Forum in Manama from 11-16 July to provide support in the implementation of the country’s national e-Government strategy. The e-Government Authority of Bahrain developed this strategy for the country in hopes that it will make it the e-government leader in the Gulf Cooperative Council. The result of the DPADM mission was a draft project document funded by UNDP-Bahrain and the Kingdom of Bahrain, which will be finalized in August of 2009.

This project seeks to build upon existing outputs from a UNDP initiative to establish an e-training system in the country to support a nationwide creation of knowledge workers. The advisory support provided by DPADM through its review of the e-government strategy and capacity building, also compliments the work of the e-Government Authority in support of the Kingdom’s Vision 2030 plan.

Among other things, the project will result in the development of an e-government centre of excellence, to build capacity, generate Arabic content, and improve the search capability for Arabic language content on the web.

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