DESA News Vol. 13, No. 08 August 2009

Comings and goings


Ms. Kaiko Osaki Tomita Ms. Kaiko Osaki Tomita was appointed Chief, Demographic and Social Statistics Branch, Statistics Division of DESA on 16 June. Her long career at the UN started in 1988 at the Fertility and Family Studies Section of the Population Division. She moved later to the Mortality and Migration Section of the Division and served as Chief of the Migration Section. Prior to her new appointment, she was Chief of the Social Policy and Population Section, Social Development Division of UNESCAP from 2005-2009, where she was responsible for planning, coordinating and overseeing the management of the regional programme on population and key social development issues such as youth, ageing, family and disability.

Ms. Tomita holds a M.A. in Demography from Georgetown University, and a Ph.D. in Sociology from Fordham University. She has written and published widely in the field of international migration, especially on migration trends, migration statistics, remittances, and the multilateral cooperation mechanisms.

The following staff members were promoted in July:

Ms. Maria Lehtinen, Economic Affairs Officer, Office for ECOSOC Support and Coordination

Mr. Amson Sibanda, Social Affairs Officer, Division for Social Policy and Development

Ms. Caroline Lombardo, Programme Officer, Office of the Under-Secretary General

Ms. Joanna Labos, Statistics Assistant, Statistics Division

Mr. Phyo Ba Kyu, Statistics Assistant, Statistics Division


The following staff members retired in July:

Ms. Colleen Louis, Administrative Assistant, Executive Office

Ms. Denise Quiroga, Programme Assistant, Statistics Division