DESA News Vol. 13, No. 05 May 2009

Comings and goings


Ms. Leslie WadeMs. Leslie Wade has been appointed Chief of the ECOSOC Interorganizational Cooperation Branch (EICB), Office for ECOSOC Support and Coordination, on 1 May. She brings with her experience in the development and security side of the UN’s work, both at Headquarters and in the field. She has worked in many offices, including the Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean, the Office of the Special Advisor for Africa and the LDCs, the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Office for ECOSOC Support and Coordination. Ms. Wade has also participated in Peacekeeping Missions (Namibia, Cambodia) and electoral missions (El Salvador and Mozambique).

Among her many achievements, she was the leading force behind the creation of the ECOSOC Ad Hoc Advisory Group on African Countries Emerging from Conflict. Ms. Wade joined the United Nations in June 1985 as a National Competitive Exam candidate in Economic Affairs. Prior to her new appointment, Ms. Wade was Deputy-Chief of EICB from February 2007 to April 2009.

Mr. Roberto VillarealMr. Roberto Villareal joined the Division for Public Administration & Development Management as the new Chief of the Socio-Economic Development Branch (which will now be known as Development Management Branch) on 22 April. His most recent assignment was with the Division of the Regional Competitiveness and Governance of the Organization of Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), where he served as its head.

Mr. Villareal has served the Federal Government of Mexico for over 20 years, assuming the responsibilities of high level posts in different ministries and in diverse fields of socio-economic development. He previously served as the Undersecretary for Regional and Urban Development and Head Unit Social and Regional Policy, for the Federal Government of Mexico. He holds a Ph.D. in economics from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Mr. Andrei AbramovMr. Andrei Abramov has been appointed Chief of the NGO Section, Office of ECOSOC Support and Coordination, as of 1 May. He is currently acting as Principal Social Affairs Officer in the Office of the Special Adviser on Gender Issues and Advancement of Women. Mr. Abramov brings with him a diversified professional and progressive experience in supporting intergovernmental policy making, negotiations on various policy documents and resolutions. He also represented the Office in various international fora, interagency task forces and executive committees. Mr. Abramov has also extensive experience in working with NGOs.

Prior to joining DESA, he worked in peacekeeping in various capacities, carrying political analysis, participating in negotiations and other peacemaking and peacekeeping activities. Mr. Abramov has more than 10 year experience in the UN Office of Human Resources Management dealing with many aspects of human resources management including job classification, recruitment, compensation, policy development, staff-management relations.

The following staff members were promoted in April:

Ms. Maria Vittoria Beria, Social Affairs Officer, Division for Social Policy & Development

Ms. Sara Hertog, Population Affairs Officer, Population Division

Ms. Anuradha Chimata, Statistics Assistant, Statistics Division


The following staff members retired in April:

Ms. Juliet Capili, Secretary, Financing for Development Office

Ms. Fabiola Knight, Technical Cooperation Assistant, Division for Sustainable Development